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Mental health is universal

Hi all, Callum Brazzo continuing to make Autistic Lincs.

This was week was Mental Health Awareness Week.

What can we learn from it as we move forward?

Callum Brazzo (47252752)
Callum Brazzo (47252752)

I won’t harp on about the fleeting nature of this promotional event despite the omnipresence of mental health itself and the fragility with which it can present in not only non-autistic (neurotypical) individuals but also the autistic and otherwise neurodivergent community, especially in a time like this.

But information is more accessible than ever and I do not believe that this will change any time soon so it’s crucial that we take advantage.

Connecting nicely into the
Tonic Talk podcast with this week’s guest: Me!

Tonic Talk is “a weekly dose of talk, music and insights on a wide range of topics, including health advice, encouragement, and inspiration from the Tonic Health family and friends”.

Amber Sinclair, host of the mental health and wellbeing-centred podcast and creator of the project Rock School Bus, and yours truly talk about the autistic community and why autism
acceptance matters, amongst
other topics.

This matters on a bigger scale than ourselves though.

Because, though it may seem like an innocent conversation that casually passes back in an hour or so, this represents bridging the divide between neurotypicals (non-autistic people) and neurodivergent people (including but not limited to autistic people).

Mental health is universal. This is not to invalidate the nuances of certain members of society such as the external social pressures
applied to autistic people.

I found Amber so willing to learn and genuinely LISTEN, therefore I felt a sincere desire to get things right.

These kinds of crossovers are integral to tangible change because if we do not spread our seeds of knowledge with others then how we can truly grow?

We must continuously fertilise our messages in as many soils of society as we can and the Tonic Talk podcast is one such area of soil to bloom education and empowerment.

Catch the Tonic Talk podcast every Monday everywhere you can get podcasts (Spotify, Google Podcasts, Anchor.FM etc)

Links to the podcast will always be posted to the Autistic Lincs page so keep engaged.

Love and solidarity,

Ciao for now!

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