Men on Holbeach church roof were ‘looking for football’

An alarm fitter from Donington firm GBSG Ltd working to protect one of our churches.
An alarm fitter from Donington firm GBSG Ltd working to protect one of our churches.
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Two men who climbed onto a rooftop at All Saints’ Church in Holbeach in the early hours of the morning claimed they were looking for a football.

Police took their names and sent them on their way because “there was no evidence of any offences”.

The men were caught out by an alarm system fitted by Donington company GBSG.

The incident happened just after 2am on October 16, within three weeks of the new system being installed.

When an alarm is triggered, an operator at the company’s High Street base is presented with a video clip and, in this case it showed people on a roof.

Within 10 minutes police and churchwarden Nigel Beverley-Stone were at the church having been alerted by GBSG.

The intruders weren’t visible but, having left a bag behind, GBSG said was only matter of time before the men returned.

Although surprised by the men’s football explanation church officials are delighted the alarm system worked so well and hope the round-the-clock surveillance will deter potential crimes at the church.

Mr Beverley-Stone said: “From our perspective, two things could have happened. We could have incurred damage and we could have incurred loss, neither of which happened.”

GBSG has fitted more than 50 church roof alarms and warn that scaling church roofs is dangerous for anyone not trained in health and safety, as their fitters are.

Rooftops at All Saints’ are 4m and 8m high and slates are very slippery.

Company managing director Neil Jackson says: “At GBSG we care about protecting local buildings so we developed a truly unique roof alarm for church security that supports intruder alarm technology with video verification CCTV.”

A Lincolnshire Police spokesman said: “Two males, aged 19 and 20, were stopped in the church grounds in the early hours and said they had been looking for a football on the roof. There was no evidence of any offences and after having their details taken, the men were allowed to continue on their way.”

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