Meet the new headteacher at Gleed Girls’ Technology College

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THE highlight of Janet Daniels’ 26 year teaching career is becoming the new head at Spalding’s Gleed Girls’ Technology College.

Janet (49) took over the reins at the secondary school from Liz Shawhulme who retired at Christmas.

Making the move to Lincolnshire was a big step for Janet who was born in London and has spent the whole of her career so far based in Essex.

She has taught in all kinds of schools, resulting in lots of experience, and left the Maltings Academy in Witham where she spent eight years as vice principal, to move to Spalding.

She said: “This is my first headship and it’s a very exciting opportunity for me.

“Gleed Girls’ is somewhere I feel I can make a difference and move things forward.

“I was looking to make the move to headteacher and this role stood out for me.

“It’s exciting and quite different working for a new local authority as well.”

Janet is currently living in Whittlesey but is looking to move a little closer to the school in the next few months.

Her daughters Naomi (20) and Charlotte (19) are at university at Hull and Warwick respectively and Janet initially wanted to live somewhere close to a city for when they are home.

She said: “It’s all new to me. I had never been to Lincolnshire before, but have been made to feel very welcome here.

“The girls are very excited about moving here and it’s not far for them to go back to Essex to visit family when they want to.

“I’m renting a place in Whittlesey at the moment but want to move somewhere I can become part of village life.”

Janet says one of the biggest differences she has noticed between here and Essex is the roads.

She said: “I’m getting used to the area but the roads are so different.

“Where I have come from it’s all A-roads and dual carriageway. The same certainly can’t be said for south Lincolnshire!

“The landscape here is lovely though and I’m really enjoying taking my eight-month-old Cocker Spaniel out for long walks in the countryside.”

Janet trained as an English teacher and although she will not be teaching at Gleed Girls’, she still has a love of the subject.

She said: “I became a teacher because I wanted to share my passion for the subject with the next generation.

“I do miss teaching. I love it and it’s something that never leaves you but it was time to move on in my career.

“A big part of my new role is being available for staff and students and encourage them to continue to succeed.

“This is a good school, with a really strong foundation.

“I have wonderful students, dedicated staff and supportive parents and I’m really looking forward to building on that.”

Janet’s initial plan is to talk to staff and students and find out what changes they would like to see implemented in the school.

She said: “There is a feeling that some changes could be made to the uniform, so I’ll be considering that.

“I want everyone to feel that they have a voice and they will be listened to.

“I want to know what the older students think as well, even though they perhaps haven’t got that long left at the school.”

Janet is also very excited about the South Holland Post 16 centre, describing it as a “fantastic facility”.

She added: “It’s very professional and feels very different to the rest of the school, which I think is very important.”