Meet the High School girls of 1979

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JAYNE Stokes came across this photograph – the Class of ’79 – last year when she was rummaging through old photograph albums to create 50th birthday cards for some of her former Spalding High School friends.

Jayne, of West Pinchbeck, says: “At that time, passing our A-levels and our driving tests, while keeping acne and greasy hair at bay, seemed challenges enough. Little did we know that some girls along the rows of that photograph would have died before their 50th birthday or be battling illness, trying to work through hard times in relationships or be worrying about their own children.

“However, as I look at those girls I see friends I loved dearly then, and now, friends who can still rely upon one another, who make each other laugh and are there for them when they cry. We have been one another’s ‘best woman’ at weddings/partnership ceremonies, God mothers to children, and helped one another arrange the funerals and nursing care of parents.

“The Class of ’79 was offered a good education, a ‘can do’ attitude and a sound moral compass by Spalding High School. Just as importantly, it fostered friendships that have endured through the years.”