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Find out who is vying to represent Spalding, Holbeach, Long Sutton, Crowland, Donington residents on Lincolnshire County Council

People across South Holland will be going to the polls later this week to elect Lincolnshire County Councillors.

Elections for county council seats were due to go ahead last year but was postponed until Thursday due to the coronavirus pandemic.

While the work of the county council may seem distant from South Holland but the council controls highways repairs, household waste and recycling centre, services for children and education along with running the fire service. So it is vital that people turn out to take time to vote.

Currently the Conservative group has overall control of the council with 54 of 70 seats.

Labour has five seats, the Independents currently have six seats, independent (non-aligned councillors) have two, Liberal Democrats have one and Lincolnshire Independents also have one.

The Lincolnshire Free Press and Spalding Guardian wrote to the South Holland candidates offering them the opportunity to write a 250 word profile.

Polling cards have been delivered to eligible voters who did not register for a postal vote.

Voters will be required to wear a face covering when going to vote, unless they are exempt, and people are advised to bring their own pen or pencil.

If you are unsure which ward you live in please go to: www.lincolnshire.gov.uk/findyourcouncillor

Here are statements from the people who are vying for your vote.


Richard Fairman, Independent

Richard Fairman (4830580)
Richard Fairman (4830580)

"I have lived and worked in Lincolnshire for many years including four years service on Lincolnshire County Council. I feel I have unfinished work there. Living roughly in the centre of the division covering Crowland, Deeping St Nicholas, Cowbit, Moulton Chapel, Sutton St.Edmund, Gedney Hill, WhaplodeDrove and Holbeach Drove. I will support any constituent who has been wronged and will be a ready listener and take any concerns seriously.

"I am particularly interested in the engineering of flood control and the unfairly high cost of flood insurance.

"I am truly independent; if I consider any other group to be in the right, I will support them only on an issue by issue basis. I will be very alert to any unintended consequences. I look forward to receiving your trust and support in your vote."

Nigel Pepper, Conservative - current holder of the seat

Nigel Pepper. (8861402)
Nigel Pepper. (8861402)

"I have been a Crowland Parish Councillor and presently a South Holland District Councillor and Lincolnshire County Councillor, a position I have held for the last eight years and have lived /worked in the Crowland area all of my life.

"Prior to becoming a County Councillor I was a member of the fire service based at Crowland for over 30 years.

"Co-incidentally the LCC Crowland division is just about line for line the area covered by the Crowland fire engine, with that in mind I consider myself as having an in-depth knowledge of the area and its residents.

"I pride myself in being instrumental in bringing the Co-responder scheme to Crowland, I guess most of you will have seen the red fire service car rushing to incidents.

"Although I'm a member of the Conservative party, I never let politics get in the way, what is best for our communities is far more important and comes before any party politics and I will continue to operate in that manner.

"I often hear the quote 'they don't know where we are up at Lincoln' but trust me they do!And even though it may not seem so, we do get our fair share of funding.

"I have a passion for getting the best for our communities and a track record of assisting my constituents and getting things done. If fortunate enough to be elected again I will continue to put all my effort and experience into getting the very best for them."

Donington Rural

Martin Colman (Green)

Martin Colman (46680473)
Martin Colman (46680473)

"I have been married to my wife Becky for 19 years, and we have six wonderful children. I was forced to give up work as a roofer after a motorcycle accident, and I am now a full-time carer for my Autistic son. Young peoples’ mental health has suffered during the pandemic, so this is an important issue for me.

"I grew up in Norfolk and was raised to show respect, care and kindness towards all people, towards animals and towards the environment. It has never been more important for each of us to accept our responsibilities as custodians of the planet and of our children’s futures.

"Time is running out, and I feel strongly that our government must act now to support ordinary people to make choices that protect the environment. Affordable renewable energy and reliable public transport are some of the areas where I feel we should do better.

"Donington is a lovely old medieval village with bags of history, local businesses and community spirit. Some of my older children attend Thomas Cowley High School, and so I am invested in what happens in the village and surrounding areas. I believe that local people should have a meaningful say in matters that affect them. Society needs to be fair for all, and politics must be transparent.

"The pandemic has shown how we can all work together for the common good, however we need more green voices in the room to challenge the majority."

Rodney Grocock, Conservative - current councillor

Rodney Grocock (46680517)
Rodney Grocock (46680517)

"For four years, I’ve been honoured to serve Donington Rural residents as your Conservative County Councillor. I’m, asking the good people of Donington Rural to vote for me again in the forthcoming County Council Election on the May 6.

"During the previous four years, I’ve served on the Highways Committee. This has been a challenging role more especially regarding potholes and flooding issues. These have been exacerbated by the worst rainfall ever recorded.

"I’ve attended local Parish Council Meetings at Donington, Gosberton and Quadring (either in person, or during the Pandemic by Zoom) over the past four years. Very rarely missing any meetings. I am fully aware of local issues and prepared to act upon them.

"I’ve also been honoured to be a district councillor for over 12 years, currently a Portfolio Holder for Assets and Planning. Because I’ve served as a Conservative county councillor and a district councillor I have a wealth of county and district council knowledge to help with local Donington Rural issues.

"I love carrying out the duties of a councillor. I’m retired. I can work seven days a week on councillor duties. It will be a pleasure to look after the interests of Donington Rural again for another four years.

"I’m a dedicated, loyal, trustworthy and hardworking Conservative, proud Yellow Belly, firm believer in Brexit, staunch supporter of The Queen and veteran.

"I am asking the good people of Donington Rural to vote Conservative, vote Grocock."

Jane King, Independent

Donington councillor Jane King (17305446)
Donington councillor Jane King (17305446)

"I have been a district councillor for 10 years in that time I have helped and supported many groups and organisations throughout my ward, getting the library reopened and that has now become a thriving hub with a brilliant volunteer group, I have supported the local litter picking groups supplying the equipment needed, helped to get the post office reopened. I am a school governor at the primary and high school a parish councillor member of the IDEA group and am a member of The Cowley Trust. I have lived shopped and worked locally which I feel is very important as local knowledge is valuable. I feel in the time I have been a district councillor I have proved that I’m hard working and always working for the members of my ward, I would really like the opportunity to take this further to the Surfleet and Pinchbeck parts of the Donington Rural division.

"If like me you are fed up with the state of our roads pathways and the amount of fly tipping in our area, lack of street lighting I would push for more police to be seen in and around our villages and you would like someone to speak out on your behalf at county council please vote for me on May 6, I promise I will do my very best for our community."

Holbeach (seat is currently held by Nick Worth who is stepping down)

Tracey Carter Conservative

Tracey Carter (46680953)
Tracey Carter (46680953)

"As a local lady, with energy, drive, determination, enthusiasm and ideas, you can be confident that trusting your vote to me is the best decision for Holbeach- I always put Holbeach first.

"Having successfully been one of your district councillors since 2015, I promise to work equally as hard if given your support and you allow me to become your county councillor, understanding the different needs of both the town and the villages, doing my very best for each and every resident at all times.

"I know the area extremely well- what is good and what needs improving. You have my word to always fight for the very best possible for all those who live here.

"My battle is not with any other opponent, my battle is to ensure that my division is always focussed on and we always receive our fair share of funding and support.

"As your councillor it is important to communicate, listen, respond and always be available as well as dedicated and strong willed. I have proven I do all these things, and by allowing me to be your county councillor I will continue to do so, making it easy for you having one point of contact for any concerns or issues you need assistance with.

"Please use your Vote on May 6 and Thank You for your support."

Paul Foyster, South Holland Independents

Paul Foyster, Lincs County Council candidate (46681442)
Paul Foyster, Lincs County Council candidate (46681442)

"I have a long record of voluntary service within Holbeach, including 14 years helping keep the town safe as a special constable. I'm a former chairman of our parish council and represented Holbeach as an opposition member on SHDC.

"Our town is changing from a vibrant community to somewhere that now needs help. New developments have brought us to saturation point but also offers an opportunity to revitalise our town and it's high street. To take advantage of recent growth, for old and new residents, we need to upgrade our infrastructure, ignored by the district and county ruling group for years and rarely mentioned in public by present councillors. Town “beautifications” and events are great, raise our spirits and deserve our support, our many volunteers are wonderful but our local services are even more important. Schools, doctors, dentists, planning, fly tipping, the Spalding recycling centre, roads, green spaces and more all need urgent work. That's what my colleagues and I will concentrate on.

"South Holland Independents don't belong to or support any national party. We will work only for the residents of our own divisions, South Holland and Lincolnshire, in that order. We don't need to follow a party line.

"There is nothing to be gained by adding to the huge ruling group in Lincoln, bound to follow party policy forged in London. We need an active, responsible, constructive opposition, free to work directly for residents."

James Thomas, Labour

James Thomas (46682149)
James Thomas (46682149)

"My name is James Thomas, I live in Sleaford and work in Holbeach in the retail sector. I’m a proud member of the Labour Party and town councillor in Sleaford, and I would be honoured to represent you on the county council.

"As your councillor, I will fight for a zero-tolerance approach to potholes. Not only are they an eyesore, but they damage cars and are dangerous, and as someone who travels the A17 twice a day I can speak from first-hand experience on that. We need to invest not only in our roads but in public transport to support our workers and shoppers from early to late.

"We also need to support our NHS by ensuring the social care sector runs efficiently and provides dignity in all stages of life, and that our carers are well paid.

"But by far our biggest challenge as a county and as a people is the climate emergency. Unless we act now, by 2050 much of Lincolnshire will be underwater for at least one day every year. Lincolnshire County Council’s current aim of carbon neutral by 2050 is too little too late!

"Now is the time to vote for change. Labour is the only realistic alternative – don’t waste your vote – a strong Labour presence on the county council will make all the difference.

"Vote Labour not just to make Lincolnshire a better place to live but also to tell the Government it’s time for a change."

Holbeach Rural

Christopher Clark, Green

Chris Clark (46682147)
Chris Clark (46682147)

"My wife and I recently settled in the area, though my family has lived in Whaplode for several years. For the sake of my niece and nephew, and their young peers, I want to see Holbeach Rural flourish. As a primary school teacher who has studied, lived, and taught in several countries, I have enjoyed many community roles. Whilst enriching my life, these experiences have helped strengthen my perseverance, attentiveness, and compassion.

"I offer voters someone who will pay attention, assess opportunities, and act. I’ll ask, “What do local residents want?” Lower speed limits? Less litter? Green spaces and community-based recreational facilities? Improved local services? Then, “How can we turn those demands into opportunities with sustainable benefits?” And finally, “Who can we empower to accomplish those opportunities and harness an inclusive community?”

"South Holland needs a Green in the room, at the table, ensuring councillors are held to the highest ethical and sustainable standards. It’s at a local level that vital decisions are made which affect our daily lives and the health of the environment we live in. Every day, I see first-hand the vital importance of education, progress, and morality. My classroom thrives on the premise that people should be free to do whatever they want provided it does not hurt anyone. It’s a world I aspire to live in. Though it’s a premise I have had to learn in my adult life, it’s one that I think voting Green can make a reality."

Peter Coupland, Conservative (currently holds the seat)

Peter Coupland (22864284)
Peter Coupland (22864284)

"Committed to tackling local issues relating to county matters using local knowledge and councillor experience. Local man, born and bred, hoping to continue being a strong voice representing Holbeach Rural for a further four years to ensure the area gets the attention and investment it warrants. Some issues can be challenging, but the outcomes can be worthwhile and rewarding for all, if worked on correctly.

"Local-Experienced-Dedicated -Strong-Loyal-Reliable"

Edward McNally, Independent

Edward McNally (46682365)
Edward McNally (46682365)

"Eddie has been a resident in Fleet for many years and experienced the same neglect and lack of infrastructure that his neighbours have too, such as roads full of pot holes, planning and county councillors that don’t listen. This prompted Eddie to take a seat on the Fleet Parish Council and Holbeach Parish Council as a volunteer, working hard on local issues but found that again, the common man does not get heard, so decided to take action and stand for a county seat where he can represent the thoughts and issues of his neighbours somewhere he can actually make a difference. Eddie McNally said.

“I was driving home one day and hit another pothole which blew my tyre and thought just why are these roads so neglected, then decided that the only way to make a change for the better is to put my words into action and become the Holbeach Rural Councillor. I’m just a regular guy who was fed up of moaning and decided to do something about it. Change can only happen at the ballot box and only you the People have the power to do so. All I know is, after the last 4 years, change starts with residents voting different, like voting for me.”

Spalding East

Robert Gibson, South Holland Independents

Rob Gibson (46683145)
Rob Gibson (46683145)

"I am born and bred to a farmer in Weston, currently work for the local Homeless provision, have been a volunteer within Lincolnshire Army Cadet Force for 21 years and have been working hard on the district council representing Spalding St Pauls since 2019. I want to do my best for the residents of this area, not for personal gain.

"If you are happy with the state of our roads, our waste disposal centre, our cycle paths, our street lights and our Library provision you could vote for more of the same. If not, you could vote for

someone who will challenge the decisions made on your behalf.

"Reasons to Vote for Rob Gibson:

"1. Lives in the centre of the ward

"2. Already committed to serving residents through the district council

"3. Already working hard for our area

"4. Will not vote in a way that doesn’t represent our ward

"5. Is not a yes man

"6. Will be an active councillor, not missing in action until election time

"If you would like someone to stick up for our area and insist on better facilities please vote South Holland Independents. I live in the ward, your concerns are my concerns, please give me the vote to act on your behalf. Please vote Rob Gibson. For more info please visit: shindependents.com"

Eddy Poll, Conservative (currently holds the seat)

Eddy Poll (46683296)
Eddy Poll (46683296)

"I believe this election should be about choosing the candidate to best represent our area and ensure that our views are heard and taken into account when determining the future of Lincolnshire. We are all subject to the vagaries of national governments of all colours, and it is up to local politicians to do their best with what they are given, whilst trying to get a fair share of scarce finance. County councillors have to see and understand the bigger picture to ensure that money is spent wisely and in accordance with need.

"Resources are about more than money. We all need to change the way we live and work to protect and improve the environment. We don’t inherit the planet, we borrow it from our children and we must strive to leave it better than we found it. Politicians must be brave and think beyond a single term of office because difficult decisions need to be taken and they need to be taken now.

"Lincolnshire is in the forefront of climate change induced sea-level rise and we must do all we can to slow that change.

"As well as these strategic issues, there are also the problems that affect residents directly and being able to help resolve those is one of the best things about being a councillor. I have really enjoyed meeting so many people and being able to help, even in a small way, and hope for your support to be able to continue doing that."

Spalding Elloe

Douglas Dickens, Independent

Douglas Dickens
Douglas Dickens

"These have been difficult times for all. I would support an expenditure review to see if a reduction in the county council levy is possible for home owners and business on the Green Road to Recovery. This would include use of Reserves which the Government has asked councils to be more pro active in gaining income from these.

"The large payment to the drainage boards should also be reviewed.

"I will scrutinise council decisions to ensure they comply with the Nolan Rules and Officials are also aware of them.

"I have proposed planting trees, gov. and leader of SHDC have said we need to do this, rejected. Also a tidal generating plant across the Wash, far greener than more wind turbines, and geothermal heating. Both rejected by LCC.

"Brylaine would like the Spalding IT services electrified and extended to Pinchbeck.

"I was the only parish councillor to vote for possible re opening of Pinchbeck Station.

"I will always fight for the benefit of all, not the few or any Party.

"Finally please cast you vote. The first question I was always asked,'how many people do you represent'? A low turnout is not a good thing for Democracy."

Rebecca Longbottom, Labour

Rebecca Longbottom
Rebecca Longbottom

"I am committed to being a real community representative. This means that I will work side by side with all local people, businesses and voluntary groups.

"Working in the education sector, I am aware that the Covid pandemic has had a profound effect on young people. I will support catchup schooling, as well as working to extend youth services, to help young people recover from this devastating crisis.

"Switching off our street lights at night has left many of us feeling unsafe. I will therefore ensure that LCC lights are switched back on, whilst converting them to energy efficient LEDs.

"I cycle and walk where possible. But I realise that we need to maintain our roads, extend our local bus services as well as provide more cycle paths.

"Our local environment is a vital part of our lives and wellbeing. I will strive to protect and take any threats to it seriously. Also, I will challenge LCC to take measures to become carbon neutral faster than is currently planned.

"Conservative government cuts in public spending over the past ten years have caused tremendous hardship. Redressing the balance will take time, but Labour is determined to ensure we will leave nobody behind."

Elizabeth Sneath, Conservative (currently holds the seat)

Elizabeth Sneath (46683618)
Elizabeth Sneath (46683618)

"It has been an honour, a privilege and a pleasure to serve the residents of Spalding Elloe Division (Pinchbeck East and West, Pode Hole, Tongue End and parts of Spalding) as their Conservative County Councillor since 2013.

"I work hard for the community, supporting our local businesses, at charity events, at the Johnson Hospital, the Tulip Suite Hospice, at Pinchbeck Library Hub, gardening at the Railway Station or with Spalding Cemetery Friends or Wombling!

"At the council my role as Vice Chairman of the Adult Social Care and Public Health Scrutiny Committee gives me a strong commitment to our elderly and most vulnerable residents

"On the Environment and Economy Scrutiny Committee I have scrutinised and supported the green master plan and helped promote the economy of the county.

"During lockdown I supported several local charity groups with my Covid Community Grant Scheme funds and helped the Covid Kindness Group pack and deliver donated food items to residents.

"Born in Pinchbeck, I have lived here all my life and my local knowledge is invaluable in this role. Regularly attending Parish Council meetings in my division is an important way of keeping in touch with village issues by discussing and advising actions.

"Transport issues affect us all and I support extending our very popular Callconnect bus service and lobby to bring more trains to and from the town.

"I will always defend and promote our traditional Lincolnshire values, culture and heritage and ask for your vote on May 6."

Heather Violett, Green

Heather Violett (46683760)
Heather Violett (46683760)

"Born and raised in South Holland, I love our Fenland open spaces, skies, wildlife diversity and community spirit. I am standing as a Green Party candidate in Spalding Elloe to offer the opportunity for voters to opt for a new approach to politics. Green councillors are already making a real difference in their communities.

"As a former Strategic Housing and Needs Manager, I have long experience of district, unitary and county councils, working closely with elected councillors, partnership organisations, government representatives, local communities and parish councils. I understand local democracy, and the role of our elected representatives. Effective consultation, listening, engagement and achieving consensus outcomes are key factors.

"Sadly often lacking from our local councils. The latest Local Plan process failed in many of those essentials, causing enormous distress for some residents and ditching historic commitments to preserve Pinchbeck as a village. I was among the lead campaigners against the Spalding Western Relief Road locations and design – the ‘road to nowhere’ for many years except to serve extensive housing development.

"Urban creep; the erosion of village communities; housing development on high flood risk land; traffic gridlock and pollution between our northern villages and Spalding; loss of fenland countryside and wildlife; dangerous roads and pavements; inadequate public transport and ever increasing cuts and failings in essential services are just a few of my concerns. If you share any of these then please use your vote, and if minded, vote Green."

Spalding South (seat is currently held by Christine Lawton who is stepping down)

Martin Blake, Green

Martin Blake
Martin Blake

"Lincolnshire, and especially Spalding, is at a crossroads, and we need to decide which route to take.

"One way leads to a future where local services are further eroded, our town centre continues to decline into a sad echo of its vibrant past, and developers are given free rein to concrete over our precious green spaces.

"The other leads to a future where decent public transport, and safe walking and cycling routes, give people the option of leaving their car at home; where no-one has to travel miles to enjoy the benefits of nature; and where communities have a say in issues which affect them, rather than decisions being taken behind closed doors by the same councillors who have failed us before.

"As a long-standing resident of Spalding, who’s been involved with a number of local groups and initiatives, including the campaign against the Western Relief Road, I’ve long argued that our only viable future lies down the second path. But time is running out if we want to change course. As Green county councillor for Spalding South I will ensure that the voice of local communities is heard, and that consultation with residents actually means what it says.

"Nationally, the Green Party is now the third party of choice among voters, and we can win here. Up and down the land, Green councillors are making a real difference in their area.

"Please vote for a different and better future. On May 6 , vote Green."

Nicholas Brown, Labour

Nicholas Brown
Nicholas Brown

"South Holland has been home for over 30 years. I taught at Spalding Academy for 13 years as teacher, Head of House and Year 7 Pastoral lead, working with our Primary feeder schools. After

retiring I retrained as a lifeguard and now work part-time at Spalding swimming pool. Married with three grown up children who all attended Spalding schools. We were foster carers for ten years.

"Helping children achieve has always been a major part of my life and now I see my experiences being better used in a wider view to include the area they live and their families live in.

"During my working life in Lincolnshire the relevant skills I have developed are-

"- Working with parents/carers.

"-Two terms as Staff Governor (elected by staff) – I have an understanding of constraints and responsibilities.

"- Senior lay case worker (Lincolnshire NEU) – Involved in helping to resolve issues that arise and importantly, finding resolutions.

"-Fostering – dealing with social workers, families and the regulations involved.

"I believe that now is the time for change and that change needs to be the Labour party. The past year has provided many new challenges and now it must be that those parts of our communities

that need extra support receive it. We need to challenge those making promises to see they are delivered; ensure that finances are spent wisely and canvass and respond to the ideas and needs of


Manzur Hasan, South Holland Independents

Manzur Hasan (46684796)
Manzur Hasan (46684796)

"I am Coun Manzur Hasan candidate for the local county council election. During my campaign I have spent a lot of time listening to residents and found it’s important to move forward to modernise within this new norm. I have seen the strength of the British people and their determination to maintain the cultural heritage of Spalding.

"At its very roots Spalding is a market town and its important to support its identity. I believe if the root of people’s concerns is addressed- the growth and prosperity of this town is possible.

"As an Independent Councillor I wish to work in partnership with the local community so that I/ we can take pride in having a cleaner litter free environment to which we are striving to achieve. We want to continue having a safer town to prevent crimes like anti-social behaviour, fly tipping and street lighting and this will be addressed.

"This is a beautiful scenic town and should be attractive to who lives and visit’s Spalding.

"As I am the only candidate living within my ward, this gives me great opportunity to sharing idea’s with the community, they can then take greater responsibility to what happens in their locality.

"Finally, Spalding has a growing population and therefore the mental, physical health and wellbeing of its residents is crucially important. My other priority is to campaign for more health services.

"I hope to continue the hard work for you."

Gary Taylor, Conservatives

Gary Taylor (46686109)
Gary Taylor (46686109)

"I live and work in Spalding and I believe sharing the same services, roads and facilities puts me in an excellent position to be the voice and representative for the residents of Spalding South on the county council.

"It’s an honour and privilege to represent my home community. I will always be the community’s spokesman in the council and not the council’s spokesman in the community.

"I know local people share my practical and common-sense approach to tackling issues and getting results.

"Since becoming a candidate, I have been contacted by residents regarding the condition of some of our roads and footpaths. I share these concerns and if fortunate enough to be elected, I will campaign for further investment locally to improve our roads, footpaths and other vital public services.

"As we recover from Covid-19 as a community and economy we have the opportunity to make improvements in Spalding to our environment, transport network and quality of life. To do so we need, hope courage and strong leadership.

"I firmly believe that councillors and politicians should be approachable and that’s its all year round work that matters. Politicians should not just then up at election time when they are seeking your votes.

"I genuinely believe that if we all work together, with other agencies and partners, including the police, community groups and you the residents, we can make Spalding a more pleasant environment in which to live, work, retire and do business."

Spalding West

David Denman, Conservative

David Denman (46694450)
David Denman (46694450)

"There are four great reasons to vote for:

"I can do the job

"I am an experienced councillor having served on the City of Lincoln Council for six years representing an urban ward. I was the Chair of the Planning Committee and served on several audit / scrutiny committees.

"I will speak up for the community

"I will speak up for the community both in Spalding and also at county level. I led numerous campaigns to help my Lincoln ward including removing an unwanted traffic calming scheme,

supporting the youth club and actively working with the police against anti-social behaviour. In a single year I handled over 300 cases for my constituents covering issues ranging from anti-social

behaviour, illegal parking, dog bins, uneven pavements and derelict land.

"I have the technical ability that is needed

"I have the technical training and ability to serve as an effective county councillor. I use planning and environmental law on a day-to-day basis and am an ecologist and a Chartered Environmentalist.

"I am passionate about Councillor accessibility and accountability

"I will be accessible and will work with all constituents. I promise to respond to emails within 24hrs, have a monthly “open-door” surgery and a quarterly newsletter for all residents relaying my

activities as your councillor.

"I am driven to get things done

"I have a track record of “getting things done” and working with all political parties and groups. I am not bound by previous political decisions in Spalding and am able to look at issues afresh."

Angela Newton, South Holland Independents (currently holds the seat)

Angela Newton (Andrew Rawlins (46686119)
Angela Newton (Andrew Rawlins (46686119)

"People are important to me.

"I hope you agree that my commitment, dedication and honest efforts for people in Spalding

West and South Holland is needed to represent you. I make no wild promises other than to guarantee to do my best for you all.

"I have a proven track record of speaking up for residents and taking up your concerns.

"Many families will agree my efforts persuaded LCC to alter their proposed route of Spalding Western By Pass to save eight houses from demolition.

"1. I consult residents, ask views, deliver regular Newsletters and Can I Help You leaflets (all produced by me at my expense).

"2. I live in Spalding, shop in Spalding and South Holland and volunteer in Spalding. I want our area to thrive. During the Pandemic, I continued to volunteer helping the Covid Kindness Team deliver parcels, prescriptions, shopping and drive for the Voluntary car Service.

"3. I support the new Intertown bus route proposed by Brylaine extending into St John’s Circus, return to stops in Monks House Lane, (exclude Hannam Boulevard) and include a direct link to Johnson Hospital. Awaiting news from LCC.

"South Holland Independents would speak up for residents.

"To help stop Fly tipping, we would SUSPEND the tip booking system, bring forward converting street lights to LED and prioritise switching back on lights in crime hot spots,

"Spend more money on permanent pothole and foot path repairs.

"With more Independents on the council we can ensure South Holland is NOT forgotten."

The Suttons

Chris Brewis, Independent (currently holds the seat)

Chris Brewis
Chris Brewis

“I am an Independent candidate, not in a party, which allows me to consider things carefully on how they will affect Lincolnshire in general, and our distant corner of The Suttons in particular.

"Unfair government funding for counties, especially Lincolnshire, is a disgrace. Many areas of England get lots more money than we do - that has to change.

"Vandalism and anti-social behaviour are huge problems. Reductions in government support for Lincolnshire Police over the past ten years must be reversed.

"Speeding traffic remains a safety issue, and new solutions must be tried, for everyone’s benefit.

"Good public transport (buses, trains, Call Connect and the Voluntary Car Scheme) are vital lifelines for many local people and need continued support.

"Adult Social Care still needs good funding, and we have a higher proportion of elderly people than many other areas.

"Support for younger people is vital, especially at this difficult time, and encouraging businesses locally is very important.

"Pothole repairs after the very wet winter need to be carried on urgently.

"I will carry on keeping people informed through regular newsletters, produced at my own expense (they cost nearly £3,000 a year to do!), to keep people ‘in the picture’.

"People can always rely on me to take up matters for them, and to do it ‘in confidence’ if that is their wish.

"Above all, I will keep ‘The Suttons’ on the agenda, and see that local views and issues are heard loud and clear at Lincoln.”

Jack Tyrrell, Conservative

Jack Tyrrell (46686115)
Jack Tyrrell (46686115)

"As a councillor I’ve been dealing with three main issues that concern me and the residents in Long Sutton, Sutton Bridge and the Wingland.

"Anti-social behaviour is problematic for everyone, the police need evidence. It’s been agreed I can set up in Long Sutton Royal British Legion cameras to monitor Long Sutton Parks, I will like to extend this to Sutton Bridge Park if elected. The Police have a big Rural Area to look after which is difficult with small teams, but by using our own cameras it will help catch drug dealing, underage drinkers and the selling of alcohol and vandalism.

"Fly Tipping: I am passionate about this issue and intend to extend the Garden Waste Collection into Sutton Bridge. It is working well in Long Sutton, we are organised with all the right equipment and know this works.

"Speeding: I intend to look at using Speed Cameras to help slow our drivers down and would like to include the Community Speed Watch Volunteers. The CSW initiative has worked all over South Holland and there is now a good team of volunteers starting to work in Sutton Bridge, I look forward to working alongside them to help slow speed down in Sutton Bridge."

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