Meet new arrivals at pet refuge

A silver fox at the exotic pet refuge.
A silver fox at the exotic pet refuge.
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It seems as though the Easter Bunny is delivering more than chocolate eggs as workers at the Deeping St James Exotic Pet Refuge have found themselves gifted with two silver foxes and a family of skunks.

Silver foxes Brodie and Sasha, and a family of albino skunks all share the same story as they all come from private homes.

The refuge now hosts a family of skunks.

The refuge now hosts a family of skunks.

When their owners were no longer able to look after them they left them in the care of the refuge. Now the public awaits for the open day on Easter Sunday when they will be able to visit the new arrivals.

The open day is on Sunday, April 8 and has been described as a “family day out.” As well as the chance to see the new arrivals there will also be a tombola, tea, cakes and various other refreshments. Tickets for adults will be £5 and for children, £3.

Owner of the refuge, Pam Mansfield, said: “It’s really annoying when people go out and buy these animals on a whim and then find that they can’t keep them.

“I know its not always their fault if they find themselves without a job but people have got to realise that these animals are not domestic pets.”

“However the animals have settled down well and they are absolutely lovely. The foxes in particular are out of this world and are ever so beautiful.”