Medal haul for Long Sutton RBL Women’s Section

Long Sutton Royal British Legion chairman Enid Pearson with the medal haul. Photo: SG211114-218TW
Long Sutton Royal British Legion chairman Enid Pearson with the medal haul. Photo: SG211114-218TW
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Servicemen and women have served this country selflessly over the years.

And there’s another group of people who have dedicated themselves to helping those former members of the armed forces and their families when they need it.

It’s the Royal British Legion (RBL), which has dozens of branches filled with members committed to raising funds to provide assistance.

One of these is the Women’s Section of the Long Sutton RBL, which recently received an impressive trophy haul at a county conference.

Branch chairman Enid Pearson said they received the runners-up certificate in the Muriel Dennis Cup for progress and efficiency; the Waltham Jubilee Cup for endeavour; and the Margaret Sleight Bowl for increased membership.

The branch has had six new members, taking the total number to around 30, aged from 60 plus to the oldest member, Dora Munson, who is 90.

One final presentation came as a great surprise though, in particular to its branch chairman.

Enid (79), a member for more than 35 years and chairman for nine or ten years, was awarded the Merit Badge in recognition of outstanding service to the Women’s Section.

She said: “That was a great honour. I have done several things during the time I have been a member – chairman, secretary and standard bearer. I am also on the county committee. I have been a widow for the past 25 years and since then I have attended most meetings.

“The merit badge came as a surprise, but the others didn’t. The merit badge is always the last thing of the day. I’d been up three times to get the other awards and when I went up for the merit badge there was a big cheer.”

Enid and the other members raise lots of money each year through cake stalls, bazaars and raffles. They also knit, and Enid says she buys dolls and knits clothes for them to sell at the town’s annual Christmas celebration.

The branch has been going since 1947 so some of the members have known each other for a long time.

Enid said: “We have lost several over the years. We know each other very well.”