Matthew helping East African charity effort

Matthew Naylor talking with locals in East Africa. ANL-140610-110744001
Matthew Naylor talking with locals in East Africa. ANL-140610-110744001
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A farmer from South Holland has been making trips to East Africa with farming charity Farm Africa.

Matthew Naylor, of KW Naylor and Son in Moulton Seas End, has made three trips to East Africa where the international charity is working with small scale farmers to educate them and provide them with the tools and expertise they require.

Matthew is part of a team of seven who will be making the trip to Tanzania later this month.

The team will be in the Nou Forest to build much-needed beehives with the local community.

Matthew said: “I would compare agriculture in rural East Africa to the agriculture in this country in the 1400s.

“Farmers over there are very similar to farmers in the UK – they might only have one cow or two sheep, but the mentality is very similar and they are very traditional people.

“I got involved with Farm Africa a few years ago, but when I hit 40 I decided that it was the time to do something and I wanted to get into major fundraising.”

The group will be building efficient, modern beehives which produce more honey than tradition hives.

Matthew said: “We fly to Kenya, then to Kilimanjaro, then we travel for five hours to the forest.

“We will be there for eight days and we aim to build 70 hives using timber from the forest which we can then deliver to village communities.

“Honey is a high value product and can be produced without cutting down the forest - around 1000 acres of forest are lost each year as people cut down trees to grow crops – I’m looking forward to a short but hopefully helpful trip.”

To sponsor the challenge, email: matthew@naylorflow