Market place protest against immigration

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Anti-immigration campaigners are awaiting confirmation the market place can be the venue for a peaceful demonstration in Spalding.

Originally a march was planned for Saturday, April 20, but following talks with police and concerns about it interfering with market day, a static demonstration is to be held the following day, subject to council agreement about the venue.

A second static protest is planned for Saturday, May 18, in the park at Wisbech, also subject to confirmation. Protestors from Boston and Spalding held talks with Chief Insp Chris Davison on Wednesday, with the emphasis on ensuring the Spalding event is peaceful.

Bob McAuley, of Boston Protest Group, said: “I felt the meeting was constructive. We all want the same outcome which is for the public to be safe.

“There will be banners and speakers, but we want a peaceful protest.

“We hope ordinary members of the public come out to listen to our concerns.

“Our aim is to raise the profile of immigration problems in this area and get the Government to listen to us.

“The voice of the silent majority must be heard.”

Retired businessman Mr McAuley (64) said the demonstration was a result of concerns by the Spalding Immigration Issues group, who are concerned about unemployment and anti-social behaviour in the area.

It follows a peaceful demonstration in the market place in Boston in November last year.

Mr McAuley said: “We are not racist but the Government can’t keep letting people into the country while millions are unemployed and struggling to survive.

“If it continues, we will end up like Greece with rioting in the streets.

“What chance will our children and grandchildren have?”