MARINA: Still time to save public money

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I am writing about the article in the Spalding Guardian on June 26.

Once again, we are told that the marina at Sutton Bridge will soon be under way.

The last we heard from Coun Davie was that if things were not in place by the end of July, Lincolnshire County Council would ‘pull the plug’. We are now told that it will start ‘in the autumn’. What part of July 31 comes into autumn?

He trots out the previous claim that “this will provide a significant boost to the local economy, something that will benefit businesses and residents alike”. This has never been substantiated to my knowledge, or anyone else’s. Self-catering visiting boat owners, if any, are unlikely to buy more than a carton of milk or a paper.

Local boat owners will add nothing. What other business benefits will accrue? The only benefit to residents would be a possibly more attractive view over the river, and most residents cannot see the river.The proposed 80 pleasure moorings are being reduced to a ‘so far unknown level’. Why? Many years ago, when this ill-fated project saw the light of day, the ex-harbourmaster from Wisbech said that a small number of moorings would render the project financially unviable. What additional benefits would accrue from more ‘commercial moorings’ to boost the viability of the project?

The whole project is being pushed ahead on unproven and very shaky grounds. There is still the time for Coun Davie to save an enormous waste of public money.

Those funds could be more practically used to raise the banks of the river to protect nearby businesses and residents’ property.

It only needs an agreement with the Environment Agency, who I’m sure would be delighted to get funding to improve flood defences, and will waste far less time and effort to achieve.

Chris Brandon-King

Sutton Bridge