Many have bible on their bookshelves but it was not always as accessible

Rev Robert Sheard
Rev Robert Sheard
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THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: By Rev Robert Sheard, Minister, Spalding United Reformed Church

At the end of October, the churches along with the Bible Society, celebrate Bible Sunday, a time to give thanks for those people who have translated the bible into 
many languages, so that people are able to read the scriptures for themselves, and are reminded that the bible is to be shared with all, and not to let it go dusty on the 

The bible is still one of the biggest selling books in the world, but how many of you have it on your book shelves, and have never opened it.

In our society we seem to take it for granted that the bible today is so easy to get hold of, and for many it has become irrelevant and we forget that at one time it was very hard to obtain, and very few people could read and understand it, first being written in Latin then translated into English when many people longed to have a copy, many going to extraordinary lengths to obtain one. Like Mary Jones, who saved her money in the 1800s and walked miles across Wales to obtain one. Her story inspired the founding of the Bible Society. I invite you to take it from your bookcase and read it.