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Indie is a sweet terrier cross she is looking for a quiet home where she can be the only pet as she likes to be the centre of attention, she is very affectionate and loves her cuddles.

Indie has come into the centre as a stray so we do not have a lot of information on her history but she has had her ears sewn closed.

This may be due to having a lot of ear infections in the past but as a result of this she does have hearing impairment if you are interested in Indie please give us a call on or 01205 260546 or email us at slincs@jerrygreendogs.org.uk

Indie (8391100)
Indie (8391100)

Your dog already rocks but can they roll?

Teaching your dog to roll over is a fun trick that your dog will enjoy learning; to begin with ask your dog to lie down (see last week’s tip).

Then, with a treat in your hand, hold it close to their nose and slowly lure their head round so their nose is near their shoulder and treat. Repeat this step a few times and once your dog has the idea of turning his head towards his shoulder, gradually move your hand further over his shoulder until they start to lean as soon as your dog starts to shift their weight reward them with a treat.

Gradually increase how much they have to lean for the treat, as this can be a bit unnatural for dogs to lean like this and some may need a bit more coaxing. Just remember to take it at their own pace. As you increase the lean, eventually your dog will end up lying on his side. When this happens, reward them with a treat.

Now that they are lying on their side start to move your hand (with treat) further over their shoulder and away from them so that they follow your hand and roll over make sure your hand movement stays close to their nose, otherwise they may be tempted to get up for the treat.

Once they roll over, treat and repeat and until they seem to have the idea of rolling over. Just remember to make sure your dog is physically able to roll over and if you have any concerns, seek veterinary advice first.

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