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MAN'S BEST FRIEND: George needs a loving retirement home

Our loving boy George is looking for his retirement home after being given the all-clear from our vets.

His blood tests have come back clear and although his spondylosis is severe and he can be a little unstable on his feet, it is currently well managed on medication.

First of all, we’d like to thank all our supporters for the overwhelming response we received in donations towards George’s care. With the last 12 months affecting our fundraising efforts massively, your support has meant that we can continue to provide dogs like George the very best second chance at life!

George needs a home (45210294)
George needs a home (45210294)

George is such a loving dog who has no notion that he is no longer a puppy! He spends his days playing with his toys and he enjoys his short walks but ultimately just loves being with people.

George is looking for a quiet retirement home for him to have all the home comforts.

He will need an adult-only home with no other pets where he can have all the love and attention to himself.

George needs a home (45210290)
George needs a home (45210290)

He will need to be on pain relief medication for the rest of his life so that he remains comfortable and pain free. The South Lincolnshire team will be able to go into more detail with you.

To find out more on George’s story, visit https://www.jerrygreendogs.org.uk/Appeal/georges-journey and if you would like to contribute towards his ongoing care, and that of all his friends, we would be so very grateful!

To donate £1 text GEORGE to 70201; to donate £3 text GEORGE to 70331; to donate £5 text GEORGE to 70970; to donate £10 text GEORGE to 70191.

If you would like some more information on this very special boy, please call the South Lincolnshire centre on 01205260546 or drop them an email on slincs@jerrygreendogs.org.uk

If you have to give up a dog...

It is a difficult decision to give up your dog. We
understand circumstances change and we respect how much of a difficult decision it is to bring a dog into our care.

If you are thinking of giving up your dog, please contact us and talk to a member of our rehoming team for their advice and support.

Once in our care, your dog will go through our seven day assessment and we will use our Meet&Match® rehoming process to find your dog their new adopters.

You can contact us at any point during the process to check in with your dog’s rehoming progress.

We promise to care of your dog and make the best decisions we can for their wellbeing, safety and happiness.

Trick training...

Trick training is not only a fun activity to do with your dog, but it can also provide great mental stimulation for them.

To train your dog to give their paw you will need some small bite size treats.

Step 1: Placing a treat in a closed fist you will put this just below your dog’s nose level. When they paw your hand use your marker (e.g. say “good”) and give them a treat from your other hand.

If they do not lift their paw all the way to your hand but move it slightly, you can mark the behaviour and reward them for this; increase the criteria gradually so they have to lift their paw higher to receive the reward.

Repeat step one around 10 times until your dog is placing their paw on your hand nine out of 10 times.

Step 2: Present your closed fist without a treat inside of it. If your dog paws it use your marker word and give them a reward. Repeat this as before.

Step 3: If you want your dog to place their paw into an open hand, this is where we implement it. Present a flat, open hand below your dog’s nose level and when they place their paw on it mark and reward them with a treat.

Step 4: Say “paw” then offer the palm of your hand to your dog. When your dog places their paw inside mark and reward, as you did before.

Like before, repeat this step until your dog is doing it consistently.

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