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Jerry Green Dog Rescue column: Summer show on Sunday

Are you looking for some family fun at the weekend? If so then why not join us for a fun family day out on Sunday, including family members with four legs and waggy tails?

Jerry Green dog Rescue South Lincolnshire is holding its annual summer show. This will include a fun dog show, live music from 11am until 1pm, stalls, raffle, tombola and plenty of hot and cold refreshments.

Our fun dog show will include classes like Waggiest Tails, Best Biscuit Catcher and Terrific Trick and more so why not try your luck at just £2 per class? We really do hope to see you there supporting a local charity and the dogs in our care.

Jerry Green Dog Rescue (15782016)
Jerry Green Dog Rescue (15782016)

Is one dog just not enough?

If you feel you have room for two dogs, then look no further! Introducing Poppy (Pug) and Dexter (Rottweiler) - this lovable pair have round themselves in rescue through no fault of their own so are now looking for their forever family.

Dexter is a big boy that loves cuddles and warming up your feet by sitting on them.He is eight-years-old. Poppy is a five-year-old twirling, bouncing, excitable girl who is surprisingly energetic when it comes to running and playing.

Poppy (front) and Dexter (15779985)
Poppy (front) and Dexter (15779985)

Both Poppy and Dexter are looking for a family home where they will be kept busy and a home to help lose a pound or two. They could potentially live with children ages seven or above although they would need to be happy around larger dogs as occasionally Dexter forgets how big he is.

Poppy and Dexter could potentially live with another dog pending introduction at the centre and they can be left home alone for short periods. If you feel this loveable duo could be the pair for you then please get in contact with us on 01205 260546 or email slincs@jerrygreendogs.org.uk

Training Tip

Fed up of the hot weather stopping you from having a bit of fun with your dog as it is just too hot to be outside? One thing that is fun to do is to play hide and seek - this can easily be done inside and is a fun way to bond with your pet.

Dexter (front) and Poppy (15779980)
Dexter (front) and Poppy (15779980)

There are a couple of things you can play hide and seek with. If your dog has a favourite toy it can be fun to hide it around the house, then set your dog off to sniff it out. If your dog is a little more motivated by food then this can also be used, although ensure you go round afterwards and check that your dog has managed to find it all just in case they missed any.

It is factual that when dogs have to use their nose and brain a lot to try to find the treats this can tire them out just as much as going out for a walk but without the risk of them overheating in the hot weather.

If your dog is getting good at finding food or toys then challenge their noses more and make it more fun by hiding yourself around the house. It’s lovely to experience the excitement when they finally find you, although do be cautious that this doesn’t cause your dog distress if they don’t like to be without you - remember its meant to be fun for you and for your dog. When the weather cools, you can also take this outside and hide treats all over the garden. Why not give it a try?

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