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MAN'S BEST FRIEND: Can you home beautiful Barney?Be one of our Paw Pals

Poor Barney, who has been featured in the paper before, still has not found a home.

He is a very active chap so this week was particularly challenging as he had an appointment with the vet to be neutered so could not get out as much as he wanted to.

This friendly dog would like to be the only pet in the home but would happily live with older teenagers (14 plus ). Call the centre on 01205 260546 for more information.

Barney needs a home (44329822)
Barney needs a home (44329822)

Would you like to help us find our beautiful dogs their perfect forever homes, and get a jazzy new addition for your dog’s collar or harness at the same time?

Then sign your dog up to become a Jerry Green Dog’s Paw Pal. For a £10, one off donation, your dog will receive this beautiful tag, and you will receive a special story from one of the dogs whose lives you have helped transform.

If you choose to become a Paw Pal, we can claim an extra 25% of your donation via the government’s Gift Aid scheme, at no extra cost to you.You can sign up to this scheme via our website.

PAw pals (44329824)
PAw pals (44329824)

Here are some other ways you can help support us.

Play our lottery

This gives you the chance to win a huge £25,000 lottery jackpot in our weekly draw. Each entry is just £1 per week.When you join, you’ll be given a unique six digit lucky number to be entered into the weekly Weather Lottery draw. If you choose more than one entry, you’ll be given a separate lucky number for each entry. Theresult is based on the last digit of the fahrenheit temperature forecast for six European destinations, as published in the Daily Mail each Monday – www.theweatherlottery.com for more details.

Leave a gift in your will

If you are able to help, you can be confident that your gift will make a huge difference to the dogs in our care. Visit: www.jerrygreendogs.org.uk/forms/request-gift-in-will-booklet

TRAINING TIP: Swapping items

Just like us, some dogs can get worried by items being taken away from them, especially if they think the item is very valuable.

If resources are repeatedly taken away from our dogs, they may learn that the approach of a person when they have a valuable item means they might lose it; some dogs may then display aggressive behaviour as a way of communicating that they would like to keep the item in their possession.

We can help prevent our dogs displaying these behaviours, by teaching them early on that when they have an item of value in their possession that good things happen and it is not always taken away.

A really simple way of dog this is the swaps game:

Everytime you need to take something from your dog, swap it for something else that your dog thinks is equally or more valuable.

This way your dog will form positive associations about you taking something they like away, as you’re exchanging it for something else they love.

For example, if you are taking away a toy, try swapping it for another favourite toy or very tasty treats.

If you are taking away a chew swap this for really amazing food.

Make sure to give your dog the better item before trying to take what they have away, or drop several pieces of special food onto the ground away from your dog so that they have to leave whatever it is they have in order to go over to eat the treats – then you can calmly pick it up and remove it while they are busy enjoying themselves.

Where you can try to return the swapped item to your dog shortly after taking it.

If your dog has shown aggressive behaviour around items previously, please contact an accredited behaviourist for guidance on how to help you with this behaviour.

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