Man tells of finding his wife (40) dead

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A WOMAN who was found collapsed on her kitchen floor died of natural causes, a coroner has ruled.

Angela Hammond (40) was initially believed to have fallen over while drunk when her husband found her at their home in Woodlands, Long Sutton, on January 20.

The inquest at Spalding Magistrates’ Court on Friday heard how Desmond Hammond failed to wake her up and dialled emergency services for help.

Coroner Maureen Taylor said a post mortem had found the cause of death to be alcoholic ketoacidosis – the build-up of ketones, a type of acid that forms when the body breaks down fat for energy, in the blood.

Mrs Hammond was also found to have been drinking alcohol before her death.

The hearing heard that Mrs Hammond had been battling against alcoholism, and had begun drinking heavily after losing her driving licence.

Mr Hammond, giving evidence at the inquest, said: “She used to have half a bottle of wine, a couple of glasses here and there. She wasn’t a heavy drinker.

“But when she lost her licence, she did start drinking quite a lot over the last three or four years.”

Mr Hammond said his wife could spend £50-60 on wine and drink it all in one or two days.

He added: “Many times the children have seen her fallen over, sleeping on the floor.

“She has had a broken collar bone, black eyes. My children have had to see that.

“I thought that’s what she had done in the kitchen.

“She was laying on the floor.

“I tried to wake her up but there was no movement.

“I put my hand near her nose but there was nothing and I called 999.

“I think fire came first but they said they thought she had been there for two or three hours.”

Miss Taylor recorded a verdict of natural causes.