Man suffers ankle sprain on Bourne development

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UPDATE FRIDAY 3PM: An investigation has been launched into how a worker was injured on a new development in Bourne.

A man was treated for a sprained ankle after injuring himself while climbing down a ladder in Wherry’s Lane where a £2.5 million residential and commercial development of the former Wherry’s Mill Building is taking place.

South Hykeham-based Trent Build Ltd is carrying out a full health and safety investigation into what happened, a company spokeswoman confirmed today.

She said: “The man was coming down from the scaffolding and while going down the ladder, he literally stepped of the bottom rung and turned his ankle.

“An ambulance was called because no one was sure how badly injured he was and our health and safety team is carrying out a full investigation into the accident.”

FRIDAY 1.30PM: A man had to be rescued by specially-trained fire crews after falling from scaffolding in Bourne.

The accident happened at a development in Wherry’s Lane where the man fell onto first floor scaffolding shortly before 3pm on Thursday.

Firemen from Bourne were helped by specialist rope rescue crews from Grantham along with an Urban Search and Rescue team to lower the man to the ground floor and help him into an ambulance.

The man was treated for an ankle injury at the scene and was later taken to hospital for further treatment.