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Ass make-up!
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GUARDIAN ANGEL: The latest news from our girl about town...

Shopkeepers should take care how they entice their customers with bargains if this recent sighting by Angel in a Spalding store is to be believed.

By the looks of it, staff knocked a few too many letters off in trying to abbreviate a notice for its sales basket, leaving shoppers to ask themselves whether the cut-price offers were for them or for beauty queens of a more thoroughbred sort.

*This month is the 60th anniversary of one this country’s most unique assets, the Routemaster bus.

Once an unmissable fixture of London streets, the red double-decker, hop-on, hop-off public transport service has all but disappeared from the capital.

But one of the vehicles seems to have been exported to Lincolnshire after Angel spotted a Routemaster, complete with passengers on the top deck, steadily making its way along the A16 on Thursday night.

Angel was guiding the Guardian’s editor back from an evening out at an awards event inside Butlin’s Family Entertainment Resort, Skegness.

After navigating their way around East Lindsay, the pair finally found their way back home, with the Routemaster as a cultured memory of the night.

* While recounting being lost on the above journey the next morning , the editor told colleagues: “I was so pleased to finally see the sign for Boston.”

“That’s a first,” replied one of them.