Make the most of your late summer garden

Spring bulbs in flower for Bramdean House to open its gates for the National Gardens Scheme PPP-140324-181655007
Spring bulbs in flower for Bramdean House to open its gates for the National Gardens Scheme PPP-140324-181655007
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When the summer nights gradually start to get shorter it’s a sure sign that autumn is looming.

This is the time, though, that your garden will repay you for all the hard work that you’ve put in over the year.

Making room for planting.

Looking around your garden in August shows the areas where you may have to weed and prune in order to retain its beauty.

The late summer garden shows signs of promise and there are plenty of flowers yet to burst into colour.

Dahlias and roses look heavenly at this time of the year.

If you look at the Spalding Bulb and Plant Co website you will find other types of seeds and plants to brighten up your garden in late summer and early autumn.

The months of August and September are also an excellent time to decide on the future pattern of your garden.

Caring for your garden when on a late holiday

Here are some tips that will show you what to do with your garden before going on that long awaited summer holiday:

lDeadhead roses and plants that are constantly in bloom, this will encourage growth and won’t damage your plants. In fact, pruning will make your plants stronger and when you return they will be starting to flower again.

lCutting and feeding the lawn is also an important job. If you are going away for a couple of weeks then cut the grass as short as possible, this will mean that you won’t come back to an unruly mess.

lIf your plants need watering or feeding then ask a friendly neighbour to help while you’re away.

Late flowering plants

This is the time to enjoy al fresco eating. There’s something magical about relaxing outside and enjoying the floral fragrances of the late summer. Staggered planting throughout the year will ensure perpetual beauty in the garden so that there is constant colour throughout the year and into late autumn.

Preparing the ground for planting

The months of October and November are the most important time for planting for the following year. Late summer is the time for planning.

Preparing the ground is one of the first steps to take.

Take a note of the plants that flourish in your soil and discard those that have withered.

Dig over all areas set aside for planting and remove any weeds, then add some manure or feed.