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Put the kettle while your lawn becomes lush with advice from Weston columnist

Despite the incredible weekend weather we have just experienced autumn is definitely here.

To that end it’s really time for me to grab the lawn by the scruff of the neck and bludgeon it back into some semblance of order ready for the winter.

There are many products out there that are all designed to take the hard work out of looking after your lawn.

Aftercut saves the work (17429847)
Aftercut saves the work (17429847)

If you still want to work old school, or feel the need for a workout, then using a rake you can rake the dead grass and moss out of your lawn. Trust me it will seem like a good idea at the beginning but give it 15 minutes and you’ll look like an extra from Casualty or Holby City if it’s still on!

If that sounds like a pain to yo,u which it is, then use technology to your advantage and it’s not cheating to employ advances in gardening science to your benefit either.

To that end I use a product called “Aftertcut, Autumn All in One Feed and Moss Killer”. The real selling point of this product is that it does all of the hard work for you.So there is no need to get the rake out and give yourself a heart attack.

However in order for the product to work its magic a little preparation to the lawn needs to happen first. Don’t worry it’s not complicated all you need to do is mow the lawn as normal. Then leave your lawn alone for two to three days then apply the Aftercut product.

This is the only complicated part of using the product. You need to ensure that your grass is dry when you apply the feed and moss killer and secondly you want to be sure that it will rain in a few days.If it’s not going to rain in a couple days after applying Aftercut then you’ll need to water it in.

I’m quite lucky because I have a lawn spreader at home which takes all the hard work out of spreading the correct amount of product per square metre to your lawn.You can buy hand held spreaders now which are just as effective.

The instructions on the bag calls for 35g per square metre, so after setting the dial on my lawn spreader all I then had to do was just walk up and down and let it do the work.

The iron in the formulation will kill the moss in your lawn allowing the grass to grow without competition.

With less competition, the lawn will be able to withstand the stresses of an English winter. The Potassium in the mix pulls the growing energy from the grass tips down into the roots for storage over winter.

Then there is the Nitrogen in the formula that feeds the lawn to create a greener lusher lawn without over feeding as you don’t want a sudden burst of growth prior to winter.

It only took a couple of hours on a Sunday afternoon to treat my lawn and that was spreading by hand.All I need now is for the rain to fall which according to the Met Office, which was forecast for 6pm on Tuesday. Feet up kettle on.

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