Make room for wildlife in Lincolnshire

Buttercups: Photo courtesy of Richard Burkmarr.
Buttercups: Photo courtesy of Richard Burkmarr.
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A regular column by Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust’s Rachel Shaw.

Yesterday evening, I went for a run but instead of my usual route on the city streets I struck out into the countryside and went cross country.

Kestrel. Photo courtesy of Steve Waterhouse.

Kestrel. Photo courtesy of Steve Waterhouse.

It left me wondering why I didn’t choose the leafier countryside route more often.

The sky was blue and the evening sun shining low in the sky. I was surrounded by greens, blues and yellows, rather than the greys, blacks and browns of asphalt and buildings.

Swallows swooped low in-front of me, collecting beakfuls of insects; skylarks sang high in the sky above; a kestrel hovered silently watching for its prey and bumblebees buzzed around buttercups and cuckooflowers.

By changing my route, I had made room for nature in my day.

Skylark. Photo courtesy of Don Davis.

Skylark. Photo courtesy of Don Davis.

I saw and heard birds, insects and wildflowers that I wouldn’t have seen if I’d stayed on my usual route or just stayed at home in front of the TV or computer.

I felt better for the exercise, the fresh air and for the wildlife that I’d seen.

No matter where you are or how busy you are, can you do the same?

Can you make room for nature in your life?

Swallow. Photo courtesy of Don Davis.

Swallow. Photo courtesy of Don Davis.

This is the question posed by the brand new ‘30 Days Wild’ campaign.

The Wildlife Trusts are asking you if you can do something wild every day for a month.

Some campaigns ask you for money. Others ask you to bake, grow a moustache or give up things that are bad for you. Well, we’re not asking for you to give us something and we don’t want you to stop doing anything. All we want is for you to give yourself some time with nature.

The focus of the campaign is June. Make this the month when you do something wild every day.

Join in on social media using #30DaysWild or sign up to our challenge to receive encouragement and ideas at

I’ll be doing the #30 Days Wild challenge. I’ll make my countryside running route my regular route and I’m thinking of other ways that I can bring more nature into my nine-to-five office-based life: eating my lunch outside in the garden, planning a lunchtime walk that takes in as much green space as possible in half an hour, on a clear night going outside and looking at the stars – maybe I’ll see bats or hear owls too.

The great thing about nature is that you can find it anywhere and it’s full of surprises.