Make it Yourself with Flowers N Things, Spalding

Welcome Halloween with a homemade spooky lantern.
Welcome Halloween with a homemade spooky lantern.
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In this month’s column, staff at Flowers N Things in Red Lion Street, explain how to make a spooky craft.

Here’s how to create a lovely little Halloween lantern with a few simple craft supplies.

Glue the torn tissue onto the jar.

Glue the torn tissue onto the jar.

You will need an old jam jar, some PVA glue, some tissue paper, some scraps of ribbon or raffia and a permanent marker pen or black acrylic paint.

Thoroughly wash and dry an old jam jar.

Tear up some tissue paper (you could use a paper napkin) into small pieces.

We used orange but any colour, even white, would also be effective.

Water down some PVA glue a little and spread some over a small section of the outside of the jar.

Place the pieces of torn tissue onto gluey bits and smooth them down with your brush.

Cover the whole of the outside of the jar in the steps described then leave to dry.

This may take some time depending on just how much glue you have slopped about!

Once completely dry, draw your spooky design on the jar with a permanent black marker or black acrylic paint.

A twist of raffia or ribbon around the rim of the jar completes the masterpiece. All that is left to do is pop in a candle, light and enjoy!

(Make sure never leave a burning candle unattended though).


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