Maintaining a sense of perspective

Carolyn Aldis
Carolyn Aldis
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My column last week caused offence to a number of people and I want to start this week by saying how sorry I am to have hurt their feelings. I am fairly new to writing and am still learning the best way to put my point across without causing offence and in this case, I failed.

I have been mocked, hated, ridiculed and scorned for my beliefs all of my Christian life and accept that it will happen from time to time. I am beginning to see that it’s all about perspective.

When I worked as a dental nurse, patients that were nervous, especially children, would come for treatment. I would sit next to them, try to soothe their fears with a word of comfort, a smile and offer to hold their hand. The dentist would look at me perplexed, wondering why I wasn’t preparing anything …he had never felt fearful of dentistry, so why would anyone else? I, on the other hand, had been through the fear of injections and fillings from a young age and understood how it felt…my perspective was built on experience.

When I worked as a children’s party co-ordinator, dressed as a clown, the majority of the time, the children were happy to see me…but occasionally there were 1 or 2 children who were scared and cried and wouldn’t come near me, even when it was explained to them that I was a nice person underneath the make-up; they couldn’t get past their fear. Though the children saw the same thing, it was their perspective of it that was different.

I love the film “Evan Almighty”, the story of a modern day Noah, which has a scene in it where God, played by Morgan Freeman, is speaking to Evan’s wife, who has left Evan because of his crazy idea of building an ark.

After listening, he reflects her own words back and gives her a new understanding.

“If somebody prays for their family to grow stronger, do you think that God would dump a load of strength into their lives? Or would He send an opportunity along that caused the family to grow stronger together?”

Sometimes it takes an unusual experience to see it from another’s perspective, mistakes can lead to change, and a straight line can become a learning curve.

There are reasons why my column is called the thoughts of a fruitcake… I like baking cakes; I have what my friends affectionately term, some “wacky” ideas; also, the articles are based on the things I have been thinking about during the week. I try to write about things that might interest the reader or that they can relate to. I like to take a piece of news and share my thoughts on it, not to give any answers, sometimes just to question it.

My thoughts are often about the things that I love…my family, my friends, my dog to name a few. I cannot help but love God, having experienced Him for myself…for this reason, He will, occasionally, feature in this column.

He helps me keep a sense of perspective on life.


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