Mad About Make-Up: Lovely lipstick

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Aspiring journalist Emily Whitfield (18) will be supplying a regular column for Spalding Today on her favourite topic - make up.

Here in her third column she offers some advice on that make-up staple - lipstick.

Lipstick is seen as an essential in most women’s make up regime, as an unwritten rule; for going out partying, going to an event or even just going into work.

There are so many different shades of so many different colours to match all sorts of different skin tones and complexions, it is a wonder how we get it right!

When going out at night time, the time to dress up a bit more, make up is a priority for most of us. So finding the right lipstick for the right outfit is vital!

Candy colours are hot this season so we can get the candy pinks out for a simple look as it suits everything, or experiment with other colours like a fiery red which spices up any outfit; party, casual or business.

And for the daytime, coral is also a big shade for this season.

A toned-down coral lip colour would match almost anything that in an everyday wardrobe, or if feeling a little more ‘out there’, try a bright shade.

It especially is perfect for the floral patterns that will be coming out now that the weather is starting to look up!

Lipstick is an essential, and, ladies, we do take our make up seriously so it is imperative that it looks fab!