Mad About Make-Up: In the pink

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Aspiring journalist Emily Whitfield (18) will be supplying a regular column for Spalding Today on her favourite topic - make up.

Here in her second column she takes a looks into the confusing world of pink nail varnish.

Pink nail varnish is such a general item that it is important to be able to buy the perfect one that either doesn’t look like a child would wear it, or too ‘Barbie-ish’ but also not too boring and lifeless.

Pink is the colour that can go with anything and for any person who just needs a go-to colour, pink is where to start!

Problem is, there are about a million (it seems!) different brands and shades of pink nail varnish and many of us have quite a large choice of them because even if the colour is slightly different to one we already have, we still have to buy it!

There are various shades that I would use for different occasions and uses.

For example, for a night out I would use a fluorescent pink nail varnish (Model’s Own is a good brand for this) and apply a top coat for extra shine.

I also love the bright coral pink (Barry M) for a night out – a little more understated than fluorescent but still goes with everything and stands out.

For an in-the-week colour, I would use pale pastel pink (Rimmel London, No 7) as pastel shades are the new hot colour for this spring/summer.

My personal favourite nail varnish to use, for any colour, not just pink, is Barry M, regular nail varnish (not the new Gelly nail varnishes because they chip almost as soon as its dried!).

It is always to a good quality and there are so many different shades and colours to choose from!