Lynda wins her fight to overturn car park fine

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A shopper has won her battle to overturn a parking fine slapped on her car after she accepted a stranger’s ticket.

Lynda Double was ordered to pay £80 after a fellow driver offered her his ticket which still had an hour and a half to run.

She was left fuming as it was clear that the parking attendant at the car park in North Street, Peterborough, had watched her accept the ticket but had not told her it was against the rules to transfer them to another vehicle.

Instead he allowed her to walk away to do her shopping before issuing the penalty notice just minutes later.

Lynda, of Seas End Road, warned others not to be caught out, accusing the “jobsworth” attendant of potenially ruining a young family’s Christmas.

She decided to appeal and wrote to the parking firm, Napier Parking Ltd, on the grounds that she had not transferred the ticket, merely accepted it.

And last week she received a letter back, saying: “Having considered the content of your letter we are prepared on this occasion to cancel this notice.”

The letter also states that photographs and notes made by the attendant had been taken into account when making the decision.

Mrs Double said: “I can’t believe they stoop so low as to issue the attendants with cameras.

“Let’s hope that instead of paying up, more people challenge these notices as it really makes me cross that they try and intimidate you into paying these fines.”