Luke inspired to write own story

Author David Turp and grandson Luke.
Author David Turp and grandson Luke.
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A Pinchbeck writer who wrote a book to help his dyslexic grandson to read is over the moon because it also uncovered a hidden talent.

David Turp’s detective story, Deep Secrets, not only encouraged his grandson, Luke, to read – it inspired him to write his own story.

Mr Turp said: “I decided to write an exciting detective story using the ingredients of mystery, sea-faring legend, folklore, mixed with a crime to be solved by two young Scotland Yard detectives.

“The sleuthing duo has the same names, and enhanced characteristics, as my two grandsons, Luke and Jacob. Naturally I had to include my two granddaughters in the same way.”

Luke had always enjoyed the stories his grandfather told him but struggled reading himself because of his dyslexia and Mr Turp hoped a book inspired by Luke’s aspirations, with his own starring role, would combat his struggle.

He said he was ‘absolutely delighted’ when he found out and not only seems more interested in reading but also in writing now, following in his grandfather’s footsteps.

Luke produced his own short story ‘The Year 3348’ which was submitted for the British Dyslexia Association’s creativity and dyslexia exhibition held as part of Dyslexia Awareness week. His worthy effort was displayed in London at the beginning of November, which his grandparents attended as, unfortunately, Luke himself had prior school commitments. Also there was world-famous artist, Mackenzie Thorpe, who is also dyslexic and once worked in the South Holland area.

Deep Secrets by David Turp is available to buy on Amazon Books now for £4.99 or order by calling 07546554491.