‘Lost’ tricksters steal £500 in cashcard con

Conmen are distracting their victims by asking for directions while another person steals from the car.
Conmen are distracting their victims by asking for directions while another person steals from the car.
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Cunning car park conmen targeted a 64-year-old Spalding woman in a £500 cash card scam.

Sue Senior was approached at her car by a smartly dressed Asian-looking man wearing dark glasses, who asked for directions to Oxford.

Mrs Senior, of Bourne Road, said she had parked opposite Scooby Doo’s discount shop and had been shopping all over town, popping in at Sainsbury’s before returning to the car.

She said: “The man had a map which covered the passenger side doors but I was unaware while I was trying to help him, someone else was finding his way through a door the other side to the bank card in my purse.

“I told the man his best bet was to go to Peterborough which is closer and ask there.

“It’s not surprising someone had time to get into the car because it was such a big map and Oxford was difficult to find.

“While we were talking I can remember someone coming up behind me but then he was gone, and thinking that was strange – and a light being on the dash board when I got inside the car telling me a rear door was open.

“My instincts were telling me something was wrong but I didn’t suspect the man because he was so well-dressed and polite.

“It wasn’t until I got home that I looked in my purse and saw my card had gone.

“What really disturbs me is they must have been following me to know where my card was and probably saw my pin number when I was in Sainsburys.”

In the hour the thieves had the card before Mrs Senior realised it was missing and reported it to her bank, they had withdrawn cash from her branch and spent £199.80 in Asda at Boston.

Her money was returned to her account, but Mrs Senior said the incident has taught her to be extra vigilant.

She said: “It’s such a shame, but I’m being extra careful now. If anyone approaches me with a map, they will do it at their peril.

“They are that quick they have your hand in your bag before you know it.”

Police issued a warning to lone women shoppers last week after reports of similar thefts in other force areas.

Anyone with information is asked to call 101.