Looks a bit like honey beer

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Angel’s friend said she visited the Prior’s Oven in Spalding at the weekend and was admiring all the little jars of honey about the place...

until she was told they were actually beer samples to show the various strengths of the brews available. She’s obviously not a beer drinker then.

• How wonderful to see all the daffodils in bloom, but Angel was rather saddened to see a mum and her children busily picking them from a public garden along the main road through Pinchbeck. Not a good lesson to teach the youngsters.

• We all receive gifts that are less than perfect, but how’s this for an unwanted gift? When Angel was passing one of Spalding’s many charity shops the other day she spotted the ultimate in the genre: a gay icon apron, still in its box. Wonder if that was a Secret Santa gift – and whether the anonymous donor was trying to tell the recipient something?