Looking after Sutterton’s ‘duck pond’

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Some people might think they are doing their bit for the duck pond when they toss loose change into the collection box at the village shop.

However, the money is for a much more important cause, as Terry Despicht will tell you.

Terry Despicht at Bell Mere Pool in Sutterton. Photo: SG160513-120NG

Terry Despicht at Bell Mere Pool in Sutterton. Photo: SG160513-120NG

Terry, partner and director of Anglian Soil Analysis, has taken on responsibility for an area near his home, Bell Mere Pool, a large nature reserve containing three ponds.

Believed to be Roman salt pans, the area is owned by Sutterton Parochial Charity Trust and Terry became a tenant some years ago.

When he took it over, Terry says it was in a bad condition, but after deciding to turn it into a wildlife area, meadow grass has been re-sown and, over the years, about 300 trees and shrubs planted.

Terry said: “There are four regular volunteers and we have had Duke of Edinburgh candidates.

“I can’t stop spending money because I want it to go forward. The next plan is to create a butterfly area because we have lost two bumble bee species in England and the bee situation is desperate. We are planting more meadow flower mixtures and we have sown an area of meadow grasses.

“Now we are seeing the results of our labours and patience and hopefully in a month’s time we’ll see a lot of colour in there.

“Another thing that was needed was wheelchair access and we got three grants last year and we now have a 6ft paved area by the main pond.

“We have had grants for projects but we need £250 a year in running costs.”