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Algarkirk's Jerry Green Dog Rescue is hoping to find a home for Loki

Staff at a Jerry Green Dog Rescue are hoping to find the right home for lovely Loki.

Loki, who is the young age of one, is a sweet, loving boy who is ideally looking for a home where he can go for long walks but also have a nice cuddle on someone’s lap.

He has a lot of energy for a small dog, so needs lots of exercise. His perfect home would be with children over the age of 11, where he won’t be left for long periods as he doesn’t like to be on his own for long. He loves the company of people and is constantly showing off his tricks for some treats or fuss.

Loki is looking for a home (22004716)
Loki is looking for a home (22004716)

Loki would also prefer to be the only pet in the home but would enjoy going for walks with other dogs. If you feel you have the perfect home for our little Loki then please contact the team on 01205 260546 or email us on slincs@jerrygreendogs.org.uk.

The charity will also be running a stall at Boston Christmas Market today (Thursday), starting from 12 noon for a day full of fun and there will be lots of entertainment for all the family.

As well as our own stall, there will also be plenty of other stalls to suit all of your Christmas shopping needs!

Jerry Green Dog Rescue will be fundraising at Boston Christmas Market.
Jerry Green Dog Rescue will be fundraising at Boston Christmas Market.


Training tip

Enrichment is a popular topic at the moment in the dog world- but what does “enrichment” mean? Simply put, it’s anything that improves your dog’s quality of life and can come in the form of:

  • Socialising with other dogs/people
  • Playing with toys - alone or with others
  • Training sessions (including scent work, agility, obedience etc.)
  • Sniffing or seeing new exciting things on a walk
  • And so many other things!

As dog owners, we are aware of the benefits of giving our dog physical exercise to keep them healthy and active. Often we can forget about providing our dogs with mental stimulation outside of their usual walks. Mental enrichment games can be useful to tire them out mentally as well as physically and is a nice addition to their daily walks.

  • Different dogs will find different activities rewarding, so always tailor enrichment to your individual dog. One of the easiest ways of enriching a dog’s life is to feed them in a more thoughtful way.
  • Giving your dog at least one activity to do every day with a portion of their food provides them with mental stimulation. A few ideas are:
  • Putting it in a Kong/food puzzle toy (purchasable online or at pet shops)
  • Doing a training activity (trick training or something morepractical like getting them to walk nicely on lead)
  • Hiding their food and playing “find it” in the house or playing other scent games
  • Ditching the food bowl and scatter feeding treats outside in the garden
  • Activities can be as cheap as you want to make them - homemade enrichment can be as simple as using cardboard recycling to hide treats in or putting treats into an empty plastic bottle and having your dog figure out how to get the food out. Just make sure to supervise your dog to ensure it is safe for them to have

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