Look out for South Holland household enquiry form

Anna Graves
Anna Graves
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People living in South Holland are being encouraged to look out for an important form which is being posted to every home in the district.

The annual household enquiry form lists the details of those in the home who are eligible to vote.

The audit is known as the annual canvass and residents are required by law to respond to the form to confirm whether the details are correct or to advise of any necessary changes.

The form only takes a couple of minutes to complete and can be done online.

Anna Graves, South Holland District Council’s electoral registrations officer, urged people to respond as soon as possible: “We are required to carry out an audit of voter registrations each year to ensure we hold accurate information about everybody in the district who is eligible to vote.

“It is important that people respond to this form as soon as possible and the quickest and easiest way of doing so is by going online.

“It only takes a few minutes to go through a few short steps to confirm your household’s details are correct or to make simple changes.”

The information gathered from the annual canvass will be used to update the register of electors.

People who do not respond to the audit may not be included on the list of people allowed to vote in future elections, may find it harder to obtain credit, open bank accounts, or prove their identity, and could even be fined up to £1,000 as it is a legal requirement to provide the information requested on the form.

The form details how people can respond. Options include:

• Online;

• SMS text message (if no changes are necessary);

• Automated telephone line (if no changes are necessary);

• Returning the form by post

For more information or assistance with completing the form contact the district council on 01775 761161.