Look after elderly during cold spell

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With winter really kicking in over recent weeks, residents are being asked to look after the elderly.

Liz Walmsley, general manager at Age UK Spalding District, said: “We would like to ask people to take an extra minute to check on their elderly neighbours in this cold spell.

“A quick visit to the shop for essentials or even just putting out their rubbish bags for collection could save the life of an elderly person who could easily trip and break a hip in icy conditions, or stepping out could lead to further complications if they have other conditions, for example with breathing.”

Vulnerable people are also being warned to take care during the cold spell.

Liz said: “We would also urge vulnerable people to be sensible and only go out if absolutely vital.

“Vulnerable people should also stay warm in their own homes. It is recommended living rooms are kept at 70 degrees Fahrenheit and bedrooms at 65 degrees.

“Exposure to the cold during the night puts vulnerable people at greater risk of a heart attack or a stroke.”

Age UK suggests that you stock up on a few items to keep yourself safe during the colder period.

Batteries for your smoke alarm, salt or sand for icy steps and pathways, tinned fruit and vegetables, cold and flu medicines (along with any repeat restrictions) and pasta and rice are all items you could stock up on.

Simple steps like wearing thin layers, eating hot meals and drawing curtains when darkness falls will help.