Long Sutton mum battling to walk again in ‘rehab’ unit

Charlotte in happier times with daughter Alice. Photo (TIM WILSON): SG030715-113TW
Charlotte in happier times with daughter Alice. Photo (TIM WILSON): SG030715-113TW
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A mum is in a spinal injuries unit battling to walk again while still doing all she can to help her disabled daughter, Alice Bates (11).

Charlotte Bates (40), from Long Sutton, slipped a disc in her thoracic (upper) spine because of her role as a carer.

In mid-January, Charlotte had 11 hours of surgery at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge, and 24 hours in intensive care

Charlotte has just been transferred to a Sheffield spinal rehab unit and expects to be there for another four to six weeks but, while she fights for her own independence, the mum of six may once again start fundraising to meet extra costs of a new bathroom for Alice.

Just before Christmas, the public raised thousands so Alice can have a special bath to ease the pain of muscle spasms.

Speaking from hospital, Charlotte explained: “Initially we had hoped it would be a simple job to convert the smaller bedroom into Alice’s bathroom but having had several plumbers give their opinions it is not going to work out because of the position of drains and space needed around the bath. The job will now involve taking out stud walls and making both rooms and a portion of the landing into a large space which would then be converted into a purposely designed bedroom and ensuite for Alice.”

Now Charlotte has wi-fi, she is speaking to builders get ideas on cutting the cost and may hold another fundraiser.

Meanwhile, Charlotte herself is learning wheelchair skills while working towards her long-term goal of walking.

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