Long Sutton filmmaker explores surreal in latest film

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Filmmaker Mark Kuczewski was contacted by Film Annex just after he left university and asked to submit one of his films to a war of films monthly competition, which he won.

Now filmmakers are able to generate an income from the films they upload to the platform, from advertising, and that helps to fund more work.

Mark chose to explore the idea of an imaginary boyfriend in his latest work, Living With Someone.

He says: “It’s an interesting concept, like imaginary friends. I wanted to explore the idea of someone who is not completely real, so the film has a surreal element to it.

“I have never seen anyone do that before and I like to make something I’ve not seen before.”

The former Peele School pupil says filmmaking was a natural career choice for him.

“Almost the first thing I learned to do as a child was to put on videos,” he said.

“I’ve tried other things, but when it came to this I just seemed to do well at it.”