Long Sutton: Dog control order on the cards

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DOGS may have had their days of running free in Long Sutton’s parks.

A catalogue of incidents, including an attack on a 90-year-old woman’s blind pet, have convinced the parish council it has a strong enough case to apply for a dog control order.

If successful, anyone found exercising their dogs in Cinder Ash or Winfrey parks without a lead could be fined £75 by a PCSO.

Concern that dogs were being allowed to run out of control has grown since pensioner Doris Dossetter, of Lancaster Drive, watched in horror as her blind pet, George, was savaged by a Labrador close to the children’s play area in Cinder Ash Park.

A vet took George to Hunstanton for an emergency operation and, as well as suffering shock after also being knocked over, the great-grandmother had to find £800 from her savings to pay for her pet’s treatment.

Clerk Karen Treacher said: “Doris is a strong lady – had it been someone else at 90 years old it could have been even more serious.

“We have had three cases of pets kept on leads by responsible owners having to be put down because they were attacked by dogs running loose.

“There was also a case of a child being urinated on.

“There are signs at both parks saying ‘Keep dogs under control’ but some people think verbal control is enough.

“At the end of the day dogs are wild animals – verbal control is not enough in a public place.

“We have tried talking to people but often they have been abusive. It’s the responsible dog owners who have suffered.”

Michaela Rimner takes her four-month-old spaniel, Frank, to Cinder Ash Park.

She said: “I bring my dog here to train because it is safe. It’s a shame if this is all the council has to think about”