Long Sutton cemetery to be extended to Cinder Ash Park?

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Long Sutton Parish Council looks set to abandon its plan to create a cemetery in Seagate Road and instead extend the existing cemetery into Cinder Ash Park.

Planning consent was given for the Seagate Road site in 2013, but some 14,000 tonnes of topsoil – 700 lorry loads – would have been dumped to raise the height of the land so the dead could be buried 1.1m above the water table.

The parish council has made a fresh planning application for the London Road cemetery to be extended onto a little-used part of the park at “a modest cost”, saying the Seagate Road site was too remote for public access and would cost more than £450,000 to develop.

Sport England has objected to the park plan, but parish clerk Karen Treacher says on her council’s behalf that use of the land does not reduce any sports provision.

In support of the planning application, she says the land intended for the extension is now used for siting soil and tree branches while the remainder is occasionally used by dog walkers.

She says: “The town has two park areas and in comparison to the size of the town the parks provision is much larger than in the other nearby towns and the council feel that utilising what is a small part of the parks to provide a burial ground easily accessible to all is acceptable.”

If South Holland District Council gives planning consent, the parish council would put up nets behind the goalposts to prevent footballs being kicked into the cemetery.

Sports provision in Long Sutton includes a cricket club, leisure centre, artificial turf sports ground, outdoor bowls club, gymnastics club, indoor bowls club and hockey club, all independent of the parks.

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