Lone woman driver targeted by five men: ‘Police will treat future incidents as life-threatening’

Victim claims police will treat future incidents as life threatening.
Victim claims police will treat future incidents as life threatening.
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The woman who escaped from five men who attempted to box her in with their two cars claims police will treat future similar incidents as “life threatening”.

Gemma Hammond (25) drove her Vauxhall Astra up a kerb to escape – hitting a driver along with the BMW he parked sideways across Spalding’s Acacia Avenue on February 26. A Vauxhall Vectra had pulled up behind Gemma.

Gemma drove to McDonald’s, calling police, but waited nearly 24 hours before they visited her. Last week, police said they were dealing with a high number of road emergencies on that Tuesday but still visited.

Today (Wednesday), Gemma said: “The police called me yesterday after I put in my complaint and they told me the incident has been logged and if anyone calls the police with the same story it shall go down as life threatening.”

In last Thursday’s Spalding Guardian, Gemma said police weren’t pursuing the incident further because she didn’t have dashcam footage, car registrations or witnesses. She’s now got a dashcam.

Following the incident, Gemma posted a warning on Facebook and her status had more than 5,000 shares. Our story was seen by more than 14,000 on Facebook with some readers asking how police did their jobs before CCTV.

Lincolnshire Police declined to comment today.

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