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Algarkirk's Jerry Green Dog Rescue is hoping to find a home for lovely Loki

Do you have room for a little one?

Meet Loki a one-year-old Chihuahua, he is an energetic boy who loves to be on the go.

Loki is currently being cared for by staff at Jerry Green Dog Rescue.

Loki is looking for his perfect new home. (20903841)
Loki is looking for his perfect new home. (20903841)

He would like to be the only pet in the home as he does not have much experience with other dogs. Loki would like a home where he could go for regular walks with another dogs to build up his socialization.

Loki could live with children from 11 years and up as he has lived a sheltered life and has not had much opportunity to interact with children. He would cope well with being left for a couple of hours but would like someone who is around most of the day to spend time with him.

If you would like to offer Loki a home in time for Christmas? Please contact us on 01205 260546.

Pinching picnics, jumping up joggers and running riot around the field - these are some of the common misadventures our dogs get up to when at the park. It doesn’t always have to be this way though; you can train your dog to have a reliable recall by following the steps below.

Make sure you have either your dog’s favourite toy or favourite treats on hand.

First we are going to teach your dog to respond to their name. We can start this training in the garden whilst your dog is on lead. Say your dog’s name and when they look at you either reward them with a treat or play with them with their toy. Repeat this several times and start practising it in lots of different environments, until your dog is responding reliably.

Now we can move onto getting our dogs to come back to us when called. Start with your dog on the lead in the garden again. Toss a small piece of food away from you and let your dog eat it, say your dog’s name (this is to get their attention) and then say “come” (our action word which means to come back to us). Try to be interactive and exciting and reward your dog with a treat or game for coming back.

As your dog gets better at this game you can start to make it harder, try calling them from further away in the garden when their off lead or take a long-line to the park so they can go further away from you and still be safe.

Until your dog can come back to you around everyday distractions like other dogs, people or enticing smells make sure to keep them on a long-line and keep practising!

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