LOCAL DEMOCRACY WEEK: Hands-on Christine still has girl power

Coun Christine Lawton. ANL-150210-171132001
Coun Christine Lawton. ANL-150210-171132001
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Coun Christine Lawton, Spalding Wygate ward

What you see is not what you get with Coun Christine Lawton – she’s got more girl power than the Spice Girls ever had.

Join a campaign, sign a petition, get involved, just don’t whinge on the sidelines

Coun Christine Lawton, portfolio holder for housing

The Free Press went out with her early one morning checking on the plight of the homeless in the town, something she remains committed to resolving.

And then there was the incident of the anti-social behaviour taking place on the bench opposite the Cley Hall Hotel. In expressing her concern for the owners who were trying so hard to provide a five-star facility she described the activities as “sexual Olympics” and the story hit the headlines around the world.

The straight-talking councillor is never afraid to say it as it is and is happiest when she’s “out there doing”.

Coun Lawton was first elected in 2007 after doing a degree in English, politics and history.

She said: “I was always a political animal and was working as a secretary at the Conservative office when I was asked to stand.

“I like the mechanics of politics but I also like being hands on, which is why I’m happiest when I’m out there.”

Portfolio holder for housing, one of her latest challenges is providing homes with support for the elderly so they do not have to go into care.

She said: “With the new housing company, we have located sites and are now going through the planning process. It takes time but housing is buzzing at the moment.”

Does she recommend being a councillor. She said: “I get very cross when I knock on a door and someone says they don’t vote. Join a campaign, sign a petition, get involved, just don’t whinge on the sidelines.”


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