LITTER: Please help me clean up our streets

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Over time you tend to gather an understanding for the various fluctuations in the developments and downfalls of your community.

I have witnessed first-hand the reductive effect that cleanliness has on crime locally, and it is one of the many reasons that I came to admire the work of the Conservative party in Spalding.

Putting political parties aside for the moment, it is widely accepted that voluntary street-cleaning has a knock-on effect on crime in various ways.

A large number of people that litter, will only do it when only marginally adding to the problem.

I know that after an afternoon collecting a few bags, or perhaps even cutting back some overgrowth, the attitude of most people changes.

A growing number of people are out cleaning regularly, making sure our children are not being exposed to unsavoury rubbish and setting an example for those that might not think twice.

We should be proud of the number of people that care enough to donate their time and keep our town clean.

We need to highlight the clear connection between cleanliness and crime.

Please consider joining me on a litter pick – if you have never done it before it is a great experience and provides a valuable message to people of all ages.

You can contact me by telephone on 07761098517 or email me at jack@shdconserv

Jack McLean

Conservative Candidate

Spalding St Johns