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Spalding and Long Sutton litter groups back calls to fine louts

Rubbish pickers who have been helping to clear up our towns and villages have thrown their support behind a campaign to push for changes which it is hoped will cut down on littering.

Wombles have backed the campaign by In Your Area and Clean Up Britain which is calling for harsher penalties to be enforced for littering.

Litter collected by the Wombles of Spalding Common. (43807358)
Litter collected by the Wombles of Spalding Common. (43807358)

Under the proposed changes, anyone dumping their rubbish would be fined £1,000 or would need to carry our 100 hours of litter picking.

Sam Roberts of The Wombles of Spalding Common, says that the clean-up group, who have collected around 9,000 bags of rubbish since January, have bought 20 new bins to install in Spalding to try to help the cause.

However, despite the group’s efforts, areas of the town were still left covered in litter after the warm weather last week.

He said: “Yes, the increased penalties would certainly help because at the moment it seems nobody faces any consequences. I suppose the bigger question is how to enforce it?

“Sadly, Monkshouse Playing Field was a mess – it’s a shame people think it is okay to leave this mess in open spaces.

“The tunnels where Sir Tom is (artwork of Captain Sir Tom Moore off St Thomas’ Road) have also seen an increase in litter.

Piet Boekestijn found 32 empty bottles of vodka in one bush (43930658)
Piet Boekestijn found 32 empty bottles of vodka in one bush (43930658)

“It’s great that people go to see the pictures but even though there are bins, they still litter. ”

The founder of Clean Up Britain, John Read, described the country as “drowning under a tsunami of rubbish”, a sentiment which Jay Martin of the Long Sutton Wombles agrees with.

He said: “Education is the number one thing and anything to make people aware of the problem is a good thing. However, who is going to police it? I also wonder is a £1,000 fine enough? It needs to create shockwaves to make them aware.

“We are drowning in the stuff and we really need to do better for the next generation.”

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