Litter Blitz won’t back down

Blitzed bags of rubbish after a pick at Castle Sports Complex
Blitzed bags of rubbish after a pick at Castle Sports Complex
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Allocating more litter collecting zones to businesses is just one of the next stages in South Holland District Council’s Litter Blitz.

Laura Simpkins, Waste and Recycling Support Officer, said: “McDonald’s have been helping us. Now we are in discussion about them adopting an area to litter pick in and report back on.”

The blitz was set up when South Holland residents became fed up of seeing streets paved with rubbish.

A series of seven litter-picks were organised by the council’s Environmental Services team. Anyone 
could turn up and grab a bin bag to help at the arranged picks.

Members of the comm-
unity were also encouraged to take responsibility for a small area of land of their choice.

Now the campaign is looking for a second lease of life.

Earlier this month Martin Roberts, shift manager at Mcdonald’s, in Holbeach Road, said the staff wanted to join Litter Blitz and widen the mile radius they’d been picking in.

He said: “We’d like to expand on this, venture further and perhaps even adopt a park that’s run-down to spruce up.”

Thanks to the next stage of the campaign this idea is getting underway with local businesses being allocated a litter picking patch.

“We’re in the process of talking to several companies,” Laura said: “We want them to adopt an area and meet on a biannual basis.”

Recruiting ‘community litter wardens’ is another phase of the campaign to be introduced in the next few months.

Laura said the wardens will regularly meet to discuss litter issues and what more can be done and she is still working through registrations from the public.

She hopes the manpower behind the project will continue: “We are still urging more people to get in contact”

“I think around the time we held the picks people really tried to help and wanted to get involved.

“We are also encouraging any schools to get in contact if they want to help.”

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