Line fault leaves 600 homes with no power

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Hundreds of South Holland residents were left without power for seven hours after an electrical fault led to a loss of supply in the area.

About 600 homes in Cowbit, Moulton Chapel and Weston Hills were hit by the power cut from just after 10.30am last Thursday.

Energy company Western Power Distribution blamed a faulty piece of equipment linked to an overhead power line in the Cowbit area for the disruption which was made worse by the wet weather.

Engineers had to work through driving rain and wind to repair the fault and power was restored to all homes at about 5.30pm.

Western Power spokesman Michael Clarke said: “We were made aware of the problem just after 10.30am last Thursday and our engineers were despatched to the area straight away to work on the fault.

“It was located to a piece of equipment in the overhead network and just over 600 customers in the Cowbit, Moulton Chapel and Weston Hills areas were affected.

“Weather conditions caused some of the work to be delayed because the field where the faulty equipment was located was flooded.

“However, power was restored to all the properties affected at about 5.30pm and we would like to extend our apologes for the inconvenience.”