Lincs Free Press TEN FOR 10 Appeal: Long Sutton girl is a ray of sunshine

Ray of sunshine: Alice Bates has battled ill health every day of her life.
Ray of sunshine: Alice Bates has battled ill health every day of her life.
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We’re launching our TEN FOR 10 Appeal because Alice Bates is an inspiration to us all and we want her to have the happiest birthday ever.

As a premature baby Alice was lucky to survive a brain haemorrhage and stroke.

Later she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and then came the onset of epilepsy and seizures. Alice needs a wheelchair to get around but can take a few steps with the support of two people.

In her short life, Alice has had many bouts of surgery, including an operation this summer to lengthen her hamstrings. Within 12 hours she began painful rehabilitation exercises and calmly told her mum, Charlotte: “I faced my fear today, didn’t I?”

Alice’s health problems have seen her lose the ability to swallow liquids, which means she must have a tube in her tummy, and she is on a string of medications to stabilise her condition.

But Alice remains a ray of sunshine.

Charlotte says: “She’s always full of life and energy. She makes the most of her independence and loves to go off exploring her surroundings.”

Alice’s family will pulling out the stops to make eight of her top 10 wishes come true during 2017, while we focus on two wishes, helping her to have a therapy play room – and at least 1,000 birthday cards.

Alice’s family asked her to come up with ten wishes for her birthday year and they are:

1 Therapy play room

2 Trip to Disneyland Paris

3 To have 1,000 birthday cards

4 Disney-themed party for family and friends

5 To have a Wii games console

6 A trip to CBeebies Land at Alton Towers Resort

7 To have an upstairs bedroom

8 To fly like Peter Pan

9 To have a bath installed

10 To drive a fast car

• If you can help, even in a small way, please send donations to the Lincs Free Press Children’s Fund, Priory House, The Crescent, Spalding PE11 1AB. Please also send birthday cards suitable for a girl of ten to our Priory House address. If you wish to discuss the appeal, please call Lynne Harrison on 01775 765413 or email