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Letter writers talk food outlet standards and grot spots

Disappointed in the standard of our food outlets

I have just had another weekend where I am bitterly disappointed in the standard of our food outlets.

We seem to have gone overboard on hygiene and forgotten about quality or flavour. I won’t name the establishments but one managed to cremate batter on fish and chips.

The haddock inside was okay but the taste left in the mouth was of blackened batter. The pub offered a refund on one of the meals but I don’t go out to get refunds.

John Elson's Lincs Free Press cartoon. (18088220)
John Elson's Lincs Free Press cartoon. (18088220)

The second experience was an Indian restaurant where when we got home not all the order was included. A driver bought replacements within 20 minutes but the quality of the food was appalling and had little resemblance to the Indian food I remember.

I am continually being disappointed by some of our local food outlets and as an industry you would think they would want to drive standards up as it would be good for business.

I don’t believe I am alone in not frequenting the local food outlets in the town because of poor quality.

So can the industry regulate and improve itself? Or can we have a restaurant column and reinstate the restaurant critic, or have food competition similar to sausage competition, or, I have lived in an area where the local scout pack went out and bought food from each location and then wrote a report which appeared in the paper. Quality improved immensely.

Geoff Taylor

via email

Praise for South Holland District Council

Further to my letter which was published in the Lincolnshire Free Press of September 17, I also sent a copy that letter to South Holland District Council. I have today received a response from the council to the effect that they have thoroughly cleaned the passageway (Abbey Passage) and provided photographs to prove it.

I think in the circumstances congratulations are certainly due to the council for their swift action. Let's hope the people of Spalding appreciate this and keep the area clean in future.

B French


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