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Lincs Free Press letters - Tuesday, May 21, 2019


Why can’t someone take responsibility for previous actions?

Our fight to save family homes from demolition has never been about politics or looked to blame anyone, and in many ways, whilst trying to secure the future of our properties, has also been about the (South Holland Ditrsict) Council learning from its mistakes.

A common topic of conversation when talking to people during our protest is - ‘that so easily could be my home one day’ - and the residents of Spalding feel let down by some of their elected members.

The Local Plan appears to have been a closely guarded secret, hence why the Bourne Road residents were unaware of the change in route form the allotments.

How many councillors, and in which wards knew, what we will never know. But we thought the whole point of the Safeguarded Corridor - again at what date this was introduced no one can prove - was a relevant piece of ‘peripheral information when considering planning applications’.

Was their a moral duty to advise residents directly affected and under threat of bulldozing. Well in our opinion, those directly responsible for the preparation of the Local Plan had such a duty, regardless of which area of the town we live in.

We are all loyal council tax paying citizens of Spalding, and are extremely upset, annoyed and distressed by recent events. When was the decision made to deviate from the original plan which avoided the need to ‘purchase and demolish residential properties’ and why were we not informed?

This question remains unanswered.

The residents within the Safeguarded Corridor Bourne Road

John Elson's Lincs Free Press cartoon. (10720905)
John Elson's Lincs Free Press cartoon. (10720905)

Local plan the template for all decisions

Councillor Gambba Jone is right (about the two recently-built homes that may be bulldozed). Planning applications have to be considered as presented to the elected members of the South Holland’s planning committee on the merits.

Each planning authority holds a long consultation process involving local residents, land and property owners, other public bodies with relevant land use responsibilities.

A draft proposal is then submited to the Environment Agency Planning Inspectorate which conducts a public enquiry at which interested parties can make submissions to amend any land use proposals.Not all objections carry an equal weight.

A final draft then has to be approved by the Department of the Environment. The newly approved plan then supercedes the existing plan.

There is always a plan against, which elected planning committee members and the planning officers can consider the merits of a particular planning application.

Old plans can be ammended by due process so that they properly reflect current National Planning Policy Guidelines or significant local planning priorities.

Plans that have not been properly reviewed for a long time are frequently considered obsolete when planning decisions are challenged in the courts.

The need for a western bypass route has been around for about 0 years. It was cheaper and less disruptive to build an eastern bypass route and a variety of alignments for that route have been embodied in existing and proposed major land use changes for some time.

Up until recently the southern part of the Western Relief bridging the railway and a proposal to build more than 4,000 dwellings to help fund bridging the railway north of Vernatts drain have been known and tentative routes identified.

Last year South Holland recieved £12m to fund infrastructure improvements . The western bypass may be sooner than expected.

The planning consent for the two new dwellings must have been approved before the extra funding from the government had been available.

If the protected road route had been identified then that alone would have been a relevant material planning condition carrying sufficient weight to have justified a refusal of planning consent for the two new dwellings.

The Local Plan is not a peripheral issue of no conseqence. It is the template against which all planning decisions must be made .

Paul Walls


Spalding reader Malcolm Pepper's picture of a rather miserable looking toad. (10581576)
Spalding reader Malcolm Pepper's picture of a rather miserable looking toad. (10581576)


Thanks for voting us in once again

Both Gary (Porter) and Harry (Drury) would like to convey their uttermost thanks and appreciation to the residents of the ward of Spalding St Mary’s for their continued support shown in the recent local elections, by electing both of us as their ward members and district councillors.

We will continue to work hard for both you and the wider district of South Holland, representing you, assisting you and lobbying for you.

We are currently looking at various areas within the ward where improvements can be made, ranging from litter bins to playgrounds to lobbying county council highways.

We promise to not only represent you, but to also maintain and improve the quality of life for both residents and visitors of our ward and district.

You are always welcome to contact us to raise issues. Gary’s email is gporter@sholland.gov.uk and Harry’s email is hdrury@sholland.gov.uk

You can also write to both of us at the Priory Road Council Offices.

Harry Drury and Gary Porter

Spalding St Mary’s Ward


Show them just how good you are

Now my redundancy has been finalised I would like to take this opportunity to thank all students (past and present), parents and colleagues for all the support you have shown me recently and over the last 20 years.

I am truly privileged for my time at Thomas Cowley (High School, Donington) and I wish everybody good luck in their future.

Current Year 11, show people how good you really are, hold your heads up high and just do your best. You can do no more.

Tony Andy

Former joint deputy head teacher, Thomas Cowley High School


We need a UTC

As some of our residents may be aware, the future of health services in Lincolnshire is now being looked at through a ‘conversation’ with the Sustainability and Transformation Partnership of the Lincolnshire branches of the NHS.

You may also know that there was a suggestion that UTCs (Urgent Treatment Centres) would only be three across the whole of the county, leaving out all of West Lindsey, the Sleaford area, and especially South Holland. There is now a serious possibility of a UTC in South Holland, probably at the Johnson Hospital off Pinchbeck Road.

The session for local residents to give their views is at the United Reformed Church, on Thursday, June 13 from 2pm to 7pm.

This is everyone’s chance to have their views taken into account, before the final document is published.

I urge people to go along, and if everyone speaks with ‘one voice’ we may well succeed. Those of us who have been fighting for this chance for many months now need you, our residents, to let those who will be there know that we support a UTC in South Holland!

Coun Chris Brewis

via email

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