Lifeline for Spalding’s PTSD sufferers comes closer to home

Adele Barker with her beloved pony, Lottie. SG240217-104TW
Adele Barker with her beloved pony, Lottie. SG240217-104TW
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A Spalding mum who suffered the heartbreak of losing an unborn baby has teamed up with an equestrian centre to help women who suffered similar trauma.

Adele Barker (34) says her own life was saved by riding a pony called Lottie, enabling her to beat post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) without medication.

Adele and district nurse Janice Elley, who has joined her in the Horses for Health venture, will be working with the Castledyke Equestrian Centre at Gipsey Bridge, near Boston, so women can enjoy the healing experience of riding.

Adele says equestrian centre owner Kate Richardson has been really supportive and the first woman to come forward will soon have an introductory session at the centre with her children for £20.

“Basically, it’s half price,” said Adele.

Adele had already forged links with a Louth-based Riding for the Disabled Group and the first meeting was held earlier this month.

Although it won support from midwives, Adele was determined to find something closer to Spalding.

Janice suggested Castledyke and Adele gave Kate a call.

“Kate was amazing,” said Adele. “She said ‘yes, I can help you’. She was just really accommodating and said what a great idea.”

Adele said the riding sessions can be offered as often as they need to be.

PTSD is an anxiety disorder triggered by very stressful, frightening or distressing events.

Adele says four in ten women who suffer an ectopic miscarriage – resulting from a baby growing outside of the womb – go on to suffer PTSD and the condition can affect women who suffer a traumatic delivery.

Adele had her ectopic miscarriage in June 2015 but didn’t realise she was suffering from PTSD until she heard a programme on Radio 1.

She says the sense of loss is always going to be there but riding simply drains all the stress away.

• To get in touch and find out more about riding please email or phone 07507 390042.

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