Life is sweet on the allotment in Spalding

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A regular summer column from allotment holder and visual artist Carol Parker.

At the end of April, I demonstrated natural dyeing using the Lincolnshire heritage plant woad with Angela Daymond of Fenland Textiles at Moulton Windmill Open Day.

We are partnering Moulton Windmill in a Heritage Lottery application.

If successful, The Blue Mill Project will share information about woad growing and dyeing and the importance of the crop to Lincolnshire’s people, heritage and culture.

We welcome any information on woad growing areas, artefacts from cultivation and harvesting, and memories or stories that you may have.

Just drop me an email at

On the allotment, I’m taking advantage of each warm, dry day to plant – even though they may be few and far between.

Runner beans are in and I’m just hoping the night frosts are over or they may go the way of my tomatoes, a bit black and stunted.

I’m of the opinion that you learn better by making mistakes; I’m learning very quickly that I need to curb my impatience.

On the plus side, the rhubarb is huge and forest-like, tiny plums are already forming on my Mirabelle tree, my plot is surrounded by a swathe of frothy cow parsley and with a blue sky and flask of tea – it can’t get any better really.

Oh and I now have a sturdy workhorse, my new (well old actually) Mountfield!

I attended a brilliant Garden Organic Master Gardener day recently at Hill Holt Wood.

I now have the MG tee-shirt and will be available to enthuse new veg growers on my allotment.

I have a certain amount of (limited, so first come, first served) resources to support newbies and encourage organic growers to get growing their own, so email me if you’re interested.

Netting is everywhere at the minute… protection from the crows, rabbits, pheasants and any other beastie that passes by.

I’m giving sweetcorn a go this year.

I’ve been told to be ready for disappointment…just as the cobs are ready to pick they’ll be decimated by mice or rats. We’ll see.

I’ve planted three blocks so there should be enough to share with them.