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Spalding's Callum Brazzo: "Life is at an all time high"

Hello there!

Callum Brazzo here, continuing to make Autistic Lincs.

I have renovated my flat with new sofas and a PS3 together with childhood game series The Sly Cooper Collection. I am ecstatic about this change because it completes the transformation of my accommodation, not that I was moving elsewhere, but it means that I can enjoy my independence a little bit more.

Autistic author Callum Brazzo (18088898)
Autistic author Callum Brazzo (18088898)

I began dabbling in painting since my ex-girlfriend and I parted ways (peacefully but emotional nonetheless) and this is the culmination of that process, in my mind.

I have yet to make it to Joey’s art exhibition as life has got in the way but it reaches the end of its mini tour around Spalding this Sunday at Springfields Events Centre.

I do love to see artists thriving and last week I was reminded that they can at Sergi’s Tapas Bar’s open mic night with local writing group White Horse Writers.

Across the way is #PE11 – the pub to Sup, Graze, Unfurl and Cackle AKA Drink, Eat, Relax and Laugh.

I stand firm in my belief that the area of Spalding off the Hole In The Wall passage is the best part of Spalding. You have so much culture and connection to the community with Lincolnshire Free Press’ headquarters and Amici adding to what I believe to the unofficial arts hub of our town.

Despite the many live bands that play throughout the town, all doing their absolute best and succeeding in their efforts to put themselves and the town on the map, I can only speak for myself when I say that there is something unique in what the places I referenced above.

Spalding, especially online, has had pockets of moaning and at times absolute mire but think that there is something to be said for artists that are, in a way, called to action because of their environment and Joey is one of several people that I know personally that is making their voices heard.

Back to the open mic night at Sergi’s, a monthly affair with a special Stars In Your Eyes special in the works, I was once again blessed with the company of many of my support group, my tribe.

I am still overwhelmed by how these people came to be in my life and they totally enrich my existence. Autistic Led is formally having a renovation of its own with funding but aren’t we all?

I’m single, in my own flat, for the first time in my life when I feel that I am in my own skin.

I’m getting emotional writing this but life is at an all time high with everyone currently in it and everyone that has passed through it.

This weekend I am painting and decorating my grandma’s place alongside my dad and who has had a passenger-side view of my journey to hell and into heaven and it’s truly a picture of many generations to behold. I will also be seeing my brother and, as I talk about in Family History (Autistic Lincs, Lincolnshire Free Press, August 26) has travelled with me on a different trajectory for several years only to have our relationship united in clear focus now.

I will make a column about Halloween, don’t worry, but I am personally looking ahead to Christmas; how I will spend it and with whom.

Till then, I keep using my words, my art, to paint myself OUT of a corner.

It’s not only my grandma’s wall that’s being

redecorated. It’s my life and home is where the art is.

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